#ComeAsYouAre on Instagram this NEDAwareness Week

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NEDA Staff

As you’ve probably heard by now, the theme for this year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week  (#NEDAwareness) is Come as You Are.

We hope Come as You Are sends the message to everyone – especially those who have not previously been a part of the conversation – that their stories are valid and their experiences are worth sharing.

During NEDAwareness Week, communities across the country join the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to raise awareness and change the conversation around eating disorders, body image, and diet culture.

Starting right now, one exciting way you can do this and help spread our message is to participate in the #ComeAsYouAre on Instagram campaign.

#ComeAsYouAre on Instagram is an easy and fun way to help us start a conversation about what things we can be proud to share. This is how you get involved:

1. WRITE a few things you like about yourself on a t-shirt, a piece of paper, or on your body.

Need some ideas? Start by listing a few things you like about yourself (your body, your personality, your milestones in recovery, the commnity you identify with, etc.). 

2. TAKE a photo of yourself wearing the t-shirt, holding the piece of paper, or showing your “body art.”

3. SHARE your picture on Instagram (Facebook & Twitter, too!) with a caption explaining why you chose the words you did and what this year’s #ComeAsYouAre theme means to you. Don’t forget to include the official campaign hashtags: #NEDAwareness & #ComeAsYouAre!

4. TAG @neda and three people who inspire you to “come as you are,” and challenge them to join the movement!

We understand this campaign might be challenging, so be sure you’re taking care of yourself first when deciding whether and how to participate! And, most importantly, have fun with it!