15 Ways NEDA Made a Difference in People’s Lives


Here at NEDA, we aim to provide education, support, and options for individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Recently, we asked our supporters on Facebook and Instagram to share how NEDA has helped them or a family member in maintaining recovery. In honor of over a decade and a half of service, here are 15 responses from our community that share how NEDA has impacted their lives!

1. “It’s helped me find community. Even though I’ve been recovered for eight years, sometimes I feel alone and no one understands what it was like. But NEDA has helped me find others who are recovering or have recovered at places like the NEDA Walk. It’s nice to have people who understand.”

2. “When my daughter was diagnosed almost 10 years ago, I was not on social media and there were no support groups (I now facilitate one for parents and loved ones!) and I was desperate to find information. I found NEDA on the internet and it was so very helpful. Then the next year NEDA had its conference in Austin and I went to that and found the understanding and support in real live people that I craved!”

3. “It helps me remember that recovery IS possible, and that I’m not isolated in my disorder. What I’m feeling isn’t pretend. It reminds me of how far I’ve come.”

4. “Letting me know that something wasn’t wrong with me. That I didn’t stand alone in my fight. NEDA has given me strength, hope, and guidance.”

5. “NEDA was my gateway to the recovery community here online. It has helped me connect to some truly incredible people who are struggling with and triumphing over the same battles I face. Most of all, NEDA’s online presence and volunteering opportunities have helped me to embrace two important truths: that my voice is powerful, and that I’m not alone.”

6. “By assuring me that recovery will be hard but worth it. To appreciate my body for the battle it’s been through.”

7. “Representation! NEDA showcasing different body types in their campaign photos is an awesome reminder that my body is not wrong and recovery doesn’t look the same on everyone.”

8. “Five years ago, I started recovery. A few months later, I attended the first ever NEDA Walk. Since then I have watched it grow every year and it also is a reminder of how I have grown in my recovery. It is such an important event for me and my heart is so full every year as the attendance continues to grow!”

9. “I first saw the NEDA symbol on the wrist of another woman in my support group. A few years later, I finally got my own tattoo. Every day I look at the promise etched on my skin and know where I’ve been, and more importantly, how far I’ve come.”

10. “My mom never understood what I was going through. It made it hard to recover because she just couldn’t see why I couldn’t just be happy in my body. NEDA has helped me show my mom exactly what I am going through as how to help me best! NEDA has given me connections to people I never would’ve met other wise and has given me a support system that I am forever grateful for.”

11. “This organization posts inspirational quotes, does the annual walk, is all-inclusive, supports my idol Demi Lovato, and is constantly reminding me that recovery IS possible. Thank you.”

12. “NEDA is literally a miracle for me. It’s helped me realize that I am so much more and that there’s more beauty in my life than I realized. It’s helped me gain control of negativity and kick out those lies that were in the back of my head. Your body is not a destruction zone, your body is your body. It’s a temple of your life: love it, learn it, live it, and keep inspiring. Thank you, NEDA, for the help in my recovery.”

13. “Positive reminders made all the difference. If I’m feeling low, I can almost always count on a NEDA post to remind me of progress/positivity. NEDA helped me believe in myself and that I had the strength, love, and support to quiet that voice in my head. It helped me realize that I wasn’t alone and that I need to love and accept myself for who I am. Every day, I learn great new things about myself and how to be stronger and look my fears in the face, and that recovery is worth it.”

14. “When I first vocalized that I was struggling with an eating disorder, finding NEDA’s resources online gave me hope that recovery was possible. Since then, NEDA reminds me that I’m not alone in my struggle and to keep fighting for freedom!”

15. “Every time I walked into the NEDA office to volunteer, I felt like I was punching ED in the face and it felt GREAT.”