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Thank you for deleting my whole topic, I might been negative expressing my sickness but this is really what I was going through. Sorry if my words are not rosy enough to discuss my ugly sickness but I couldn't write it any different. This was the only place that I was able to open up and talk about my ED. I was hoping to get some support or at least think some one out there care. I did not know was going to be judged more and get cut off. Very disappointed. Anyway thank you and I will not bother anymore.

Don't Leave!

Hi Najmlail

Hope you get to see this. The point of this forum in the first place is for people like us to write about their experiences and get support and also offer support to others so Please don't leave! I know there are community guidelines that members need to abide by i.e. not writing numbers, or trigger foods so perhaps that is why your post was deleted?

Hi Najmlail,

I'm sorry to hear about this experience. As heartandmindfully said, the community guidelines outline rules for the forums because they don't want anybody to be triggered. But that doesn't mean you're not welcome! Sometimes we may say things that could possibly be triggering to others without even realizing it, but please know that you haven't done anything wrong. You are always welcome to post on here and I truly hope you will come back and see this.

I really hope to hear from you again soon.