Stuck on Choosing a Fear for ‘The Fearless Challenge’? Check Out These 9 Ideas!

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Channel your inner champion, face your fears, and raise some money for a great cause! This January, we’re calling upon YOU to join The Fearless Challenge, a NEDA initiative in which we call upon participants to choose a fear and an activity to overcome that fear. Once you meet your personal fundraising goal, you face your fear.

Fears can be as unique as people are and can sometimes be tough to pin down. To make the process easier, we’ve thought about a few common fears you can choose to tackle this month! Check them out below:

Does the idea of leaving the ground have you feeling queasy? Soar in 2018 by facing your fear of heights with a mountain hike, skydiving adventure with your best friend, or a trip up the local ferris wheel.

Terrified of needles? Donate blood at a blood drive, get your flu shot, or make an appointment to get a tattoo. See all of the NEDA symbol tattoos people have shared.

Feel like getting physical, but nervous about where to start? Challenge yourself by signing up for something that sounds like fun to you —kickboxing, 5k races, yoga, roller derby groups, dance classes, and amateur softball teams are out there waiting for you to sign up! Check out our friend Lexie Manion’s story about her physical fearless challenge for added inspiration. [Ed’s note: Always be sure to check with your doctor or treatment team before starting a physical activity.]

Are all of your Instagram photos edited and filtered? Skip the hour-long editing process and post a series of unedited, makeup-free selfies.

Dream of rocking a crop top? Now is your chance! Get crafty by cutting an old T-shirt and writing a body positive statement on it. Wear it outside or on your next vacation to a warm locale!

More comfortable wrapped up in a blanket at home than outside with friends? Set your social life on fire this 2018 by joining a book club, singing karaoke, or planning a work happy hour.

Worried that your voice won’t create change? Join an advocacy group on your campus or in your community and make 2018 the year your words and actions make a difference.

Do ghost stories leave you shaking in your boots? Challenge yourself to watch a classic horror movie or visit a haunted house or amusement park ride. We wouldn’t hold it against you if you take a friend (or three).

Have you consistently stuck with neutral hues ever since you could choose your own clothing? Break out of your comfort zone with a few colorful wardrobe updates. Bonus points if you choose to rock blue and green hair inspired by NEDA!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas! Remember to check your school or workplace dress code if you’re planning a clothing or appearance-related challenge and practice self-care throughout.

No matter which fear you decide to take down in 2018, know that you are a warrior. Good luck and don’t forget to use #FundMyFearless on social media so we can follow your progress!

For fundraising tips and tricks, check out our Fundraising Toolkit.

For any questions regarding the campaign, fundraising, or general questions, please contact Connor Lillis at [email protected].