National Eating Disorders Association

The Parent, Family & Friends Network (PFN) is here to support families and friends of those struggling with an eating disorder by providing personal connection and resources that fit your needs. Our PFN Steering Committee provides valuable input on NEDA’s programs and identifies ways to support friends, family and those struggling.

Parents, family and friends can join the Network for free. Members will receive emails regarding particular programs and other materials of interest to supporters of those struggling with eating disorders.

The PFN wants to hear from you, the people who love and support someone with ED. Please take our survey to tell us how what kind of information, connection and resources would be most useful to you.


  • The Parent Toolkit provides valuable information on eating disorder warning signs, medical management, insurance and many other topics.
  • NEDA’s Video Library offers videos on a variety of topics, providing an opportunity to learn directly from professionals in the field as well as from individuals sharing lessons learned through their own journeys. 
  • NEDA’s Insurance Resources provide sample letters and guidance on navigating the system.
  • Search NEDA’s Treatment Database for treatment options, support groups and research studies in your area.


  • The Information & Referral Helpline will connect you with a trained NEDA volunteer who can help you identify resources, treatment options and information on support groups and research studies.
  • The NEDA Navigators peer support program links those whose loved ones are struggling with a trained volunteer who can act as a source of support and guidance. 
  • NEDA Blog articles feature insight and tips from those supporting a loved one. 
  • NEDA’s Forums offer a place to connect with others who are supporting a loved one.
  • The Loss Support Network is here to support those who have lost a loved one to an eating disorder by connecting them with others who have experienced this unique type of grief.

For more information, email, and we will help direct you to the many programs and resources designed just for you.