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I cant eat

I dont really understand what my problem is with food. But Ive lost alot of weight, to the point where people are commenting and worried, I dont purposely not eat, but I just dont have an appetite. I find it difficult to eat certain foods because of how it physically feels to eat it, and how I feel afterwards. I want to eat because i want to put on weight, but I just have no appetite. I feel underweight and I need to put on weight because im often cold when i shouldnt be, and I dont want to get ill as i live on a boat and need to keep warm and healthy through the winter, especially as I plan to go out into nature and live there for a while, but i cant do that until im healthy. I just dont really understand what it is. I did purposly stop myself from eating when I was very depressed and couple of years ago, but I was a healthy weight after that. I just carried on loosing weight and recently its going to far.


LilRon, I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with your eating lately. I recommend that you see a doctor, since sometimes underlying health conditions are what control our appetite and how our body reacts to consuming certain foods. However, sometimes underlying psychological issues impact our eating as well, even when we aren't consciously aware of it. If you see a doctor, you should mention your history of restricting food when you were depressed a few years ago, since it is possible that those habits are creeping back without you being aware of it. Please get help! I want you to have a happy and healthy 2015.

Best wishes, and please continue to use the forums for support if you need it

My perception of myself

Ever since I was only 11, I started having irregular eating habits. Between 11-13, I never noticed how much weight I lost. I’m now a little older and these unconscious habits became conscious. I’m not satisfied with my body. I feel big. My family and friends told me I look much thinner than I used to be. Some people have commented on it and said skinny insults. I don’t know how to take it. When I look in the mirror I don’t see that. Sometimes someone calls me skinny and I feel good but it causes me to starve myself even more because I feel like I’m accomplishing something. I can’t eat because I binge once I start. I usually binge every other week or every week at least once, and it gets bad. My starvation is worst after I binge. I’ve gone multiple days without eating. My hair also seems to be thinning which I’m extremely worried about. I weigh less now than I did when I was 2 years younger, as well as shorter. I just wish I could see myself more than my body. I’ve tried to eat well but I feel so guilty and end up throwing it up and starving even more.