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How to stop weighing self??

I have 'recovered' from an eating disorder which I had back in 2012, however since my eating disorder I have weighed myself every day consistently for the past 5 years, and always at the same time. I have tried to stop weighing myself, however the longest I have gone without weighing myself is a week, and then I got super anxious about gaining heaps of weight. This constant weighing also causes me to binge and not listen to my body's hunger cues. For example, I will weigh myself and see that my weight is slightly under what I perceive as my maximum weight, and eat a certain amount of junk food to reach that maximum weight which i don't want to get higher than, but binge to because im 'in the mood for a binge' (this happens regularly at least 4 days a week or more). I weigh myself because i know exactly the calories my body needs to gain and lose weight. Its really bad but I can't allow myself to gain and lose weight naturally because after maybe a few days without weighing myself I get really stressed that I have gained heaps of weight and my limbs feel heavy etc. Also I want to lose weight and become fit and healthy etc, because i have become very lazy and gained a lot of weight, but I don't know how to lose weight in a healthy way, because the only way I know how to lose weight is by restricting my calories heaps and losing a kilo a day which causes me to binge.
Idk I just kinda want to know some tips which you guys have for how you stopped weighing yourself and fully recovered from your eating disorder and got back into healthy habits.

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Dear Dainna43, welcome to the forums! I wanted to let you know that your post has been edited to take out any weight-related numbers as they might be triggering to other forum members. You can find our forum guidelines here: Thank you for sharing and please keep posting!


Hi dainna43, I'm so glad you found us! It's great that you are reaching out for help, I'm proud of you. The word "recovered" is a tricky one, because even after weight restoration, the mental aspect of eating disorders can stick around for quite some time. But keep fighting! You sound very self-aware, and I can tell you're dedicated to your recovery <3

Personally, I had a similar struggle. I returned to a healthy weight, but for awhile, I'd still count my calories.. I was eating regularly, so it wasn't anorexia anymore, but it was still disordered behavior for sure. It was a new obsession, and I found myself binging if I had "extra" calories for the day. Eventually, like you, I realized that this was not the kind of life I wanted to live. I began trying to go out to eat more, or eat meals cooked by others, so that it would be impossible for me to count my calories. Gradually doing more and more of this over time, and surrounding myself with positive supportive people, was exactly what I needed to give up those final behaviors of my ED.

Aside from eating habits, my best advice for you would be to get rid of your scale completely. You could even make it some kind of celebration or ceremony, and have fun with it. Scales are detrimental to recovery. They make you believe, falsely, that your value is in that number. But you are SO MUCH MORE than that number, and you always will be.

Again, so glad to have you here in the forums. :) We're here for you!


Thanks heaps for your reply. It really helps to know that other people have similar experiences with binging etc. I'm trying to do this 30 days without the scale thing so hopefully it can make me more aware of my body and stop me from binging and hopefully I can stick to a nutritious diet.


Sending you lots of hugs.


Hi there, Welcome to the forum. I can tell you that getting rid of my scale was a very important decision that has helped propel me into recovery. Weight changes all the time during the day and from day to day. We have to know that we are not what we weigh. And to know that we have to get away from numbers. Numbers do not define who we are, it just keeps us stuck in the eating disorder world. That is what not weighing my self has done for me. I am not a slave to it anymore and I know I have gained weight. I have struggled for thirty years and am now behavior free for into my ninth month. I wish you the best and hope one day you can get to the point where you are able to either kill the scale, which is what I did to mine, smashed it with a hammer, or limiting your weigh ins. I think it is easier to just go cold turkey. I do know what I weigh when I go to a doctor appointment.

I hope what I said helps. Beginning to learn your hunger signals is a big step. Are you seeing a dietician? That may help for a while. Anyone else know of your struggle, it may help to have someone you trust to help you.

Take care,


Not weighing self

Yea I'm going to try and go cold turkey for a while and see how it goes. Would u recommend seeing a dietician? I saw a psychologist for a year after my hospital admittance but they didn't really talk about a healthy diet I was just on the meal plan. Also I have friends and family who know about my eating disorder but no one who I can trust (I lowkey hate my parents after the experience) so I don't really know who to talk about my experience with.


Hi, I am excited to hear of your brave step in not weighing yourself. I found such freedom when I smashed mine. In my personal opinion, I would suggest you see a dietician. It can help take the guess work out of what you should eat. The support would be good for you. What do you think?

Yeah i might see if i know of

Yeah i might see if i know of any dieticians. Im just unsure whether they will be really insensitive like my psychologists and give me poor advice


Dear Dianna43, congratulations on your awesome efforts toward recovery! It is obvious you are trying to be mindful of harmful behaviors. The good news is that each new day brings new hopes, new thoughts, and new opportunities. Every time you begin to think about your weight or the scale, I want you to try as hard as possible to take 3 deep breaths. Inhale, count 10 seconds, exhale, and relax. Keep going on your own and make a deeper effort to nurture your mind with good thoughts. For example, what else are you working towards in your life? Do you have a personal career goal? Are you considering adopting a puppy? Are you writing a book? As Albert Einstein once said, “The world we create is a product of our thinking. We cannot change, if we don’t change our thinking”. Live up to your light, be kind to yourself, trust yourself, feel blessed, allow people to love you, and reflect on this. Reality is a projection of our thoughts. The world is pretty tough - the hardest thing in this life is to be ourselves in a world where everyone is telling us to be someone else, to be skinny, organized, or perfect. The reality is, we are imperfect. Permanently. We are imperfect inevitably so, and we all have flaws. I believe however, accepting who you are will really lay down the foundation for your inner happiness. The challenge is pretty simple - how to enjoy life? How can we accept and love ourselves in spite of our imperfections? After reading your post, it seems your thoughts around your weight, the binging, the planning, etc. are a tortureous head aching cycle that is affecting your mood and good health. The food will always be around, everyday. However, your white teeth, healthy stomach, esophagus, and happiness are being affected. You are beautiful Dianna43. You are enough, and abundantly so. Every time you start to feel the surge of anxious weight thoughts I want you to try hard to let go of it all! What is the worst that can happen if you gain weight? Or not give in on your urge to binge? Surely you will not die. Let go of your endless list. Relax your body, throw yourself on the bed, close your eyes, hold your breath, exhale and just continue to breathe. Scream out loud before doing this, if you have to. You are the architect of your life. You can change if you want to. Too many people value what they are not and under value who they are. You have a lot to offer this world. Keep moving forward and working towards your goals.

Thankyou so much for your

Thankyou so much for your kinda words and these strategies!! It really means a lot to me that you spent all this time writing this thankyou! This has really given me a new perspective that none of my psychologists ect have ever said


Hi Dainna43-
I have been following your thread and just wanted to check in & see how you are doing with your 30 days without the scale? Did you ever look into potentially working with a dietician? I hope you are being gentle with yourself & working on ways to remind yourself of your value outside of your weight. It's so hard, but recovery is possible! Thinking of you and hope to hear from you soon <3

Same here

I cant stop weighing myself either it takes so much energy .


Hello there! I wanted to talk about your comment about dietitians being insensitive. I am in recovery for an eating disorder and am currently pursuing a degree in dietetics. I want to say that most dietitians love what they do, and they do it to help the client. Sometimes it may seem harsh, but I think its tough love. In order to recover, the behaviors need to stop. I hope you find a dietitian that you love working with!

Scales are a really tough

Scales are a really tough thing to deal with for me, too. When I decided to stop using the scale, I started by really thinking about the number after I weighed myself (why I cared, does it really mean anything, reminding myself that your weight can fluctuate from hour to hour, day to day). Eventually, this helped me "debunk" the scale's hold on me. I still avoid them if I can, but it's gotten less stressful over time. Hopefully this is helpful for you. Remember that you're strong, and you can do this :)

Hope you feel better about your weight and body image soon

I forgot about my scale for almost an ENTIRE month during my bout of asthma induced bronchitis. During the month of having NOT weighed myself i managed to eat more, feel Positively HEALTHY, and pull my back muscles less daily from not dealing w/ my morning scale check in.

Ironically, many places of recovery actually force the patients to be weighed daily too? Anyhow, I was able to forgive my body and let it weigh whatever it wanted for an ENTIRE month.

I hate being weighed at the gynecologists office, every time, i have an appointment. Oh well, They seem concerned over my weight, more so than i am. I dont really care until they make it an issue of concern for me???

When i did get back on the scale i realized that i must return to my daily exercise routine, after seeing how much weight i regained, after a month of exercise and food measurement apathy, during my recovery from asthma.

I rely on my scale second to how my clothing fits me. However this time my clothes are actually fitting loosely, but my scale doesn't lie.

I have trouble with always feeling in touch w/ my body so for me the scale is a factual way to measure my body weight, and any water retention from NOT exercising.

I dont know your ED problem, i am NOT underweight so it not a life or death problem for me to weigh myself, just a factual external measure i can rely on.

Replying to all of you

Although after many further unsuccessful attempts I have not fully ditched the scale, I am feeling a lot more positive about my body. Two fitness women came to our school to talk to us, and I started to embark on a new fitness journey but this time being actually healthy. I am trying to stop binging, just because I had one stuff up in the day. and I am enjoying junk food, and recognise that it doesn’t completely stuff up my fitness, and I don’t feel the need to binge. One very helpful thing the women said was that ‘the way you know you are restricting to much is when you start binging again’ .I’m going to try and ditch my scale again!


Hi Dainna43-
Thank you for updating us! I'm so glad to hear that you have been feeling more positive about your body & focusing on what you can do to be healthy while nourishing yourself and being kind to yourself. All about moderation. So hard to find, but it feels so good! I am feeling hopeful about your attempt to ditch the scale, especially with this newfound attitude- and it seems like you are very upbeat about it as well. Keep us updated on how you're doing <3

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