National Eating Disorders Association

Monday, February 24

Gloria Lucas

Rethinking Healing Through the Lens of Harm Reduction

Gloria Lucas is a body-positive activist, entrepreneur, and a public speaker. In 2014, Gloria started Nalgona Positivity Pride - a Xicana-brown-indigenous body-positive organization that focuses on the link between historical trauma and eating disorders - after personally struggling with an eating disorder. Gloria’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, NPR, Bitch Magazine, and The Body is not an Apology. She lives in Santa Ana.

Dayna Geldwert

Instagram and NEDA Collaborate on #ComeAsYouAre

Dayna Geldwert is the Policy Programs Manager at Instagram. In her role, she build programs and partnerships to protect the safety and well-being of Instagram’s community. From campaigns that celebrate body acceptance and positive self-image, to collaborating with non-profit organizations on tools and resources for combatting bullying online, Dayna works to uplift the vibrancy and diversity of Instagram’s community and keep people safe.

Tuesday, February 25

Ryan Sheldon

In Moments of Struggle, Change Can Happen

A motivational speaker and brawn model, Ryan has been educating audiences about body image and binge eating disorder since his own diagnosis in 2015. Passionate about raising awareness of binge eating and body image issues as an Ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, he has shared his story with the Today Show, Huffington Post, and Teen Vogue, among other outlets. An LGBTQ+ man living in a larger body, Ryan also speaks to teens about masculinity, identity, and body confidence. He is currently working on a book about his and other men's experiences learning to eat mindfully and love themselves just as they are. You can find Ryan on Instagram at BingeEaterConfessions or at his blog

Marissa Corona, Ph.D.

Male Eating Disorders: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go Next?

Dr. Marissa Corona is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California. She specializes in evidenced-based psychological treatments for adolescents and young adults with eating and feeding disorders.

Dani Gonzales, Psy.D.

Dr. Dani Gonzales licensed clinical psychologist and full-time faculty member specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Gonzales currently maintains a small private practice in Southern California that offers evidenced-based treatment for young adults, males struggling with Eating Disorders, Elite and Professional Athletes, and individuals struggling with addiction.

Dr. Stuart B. Murray, DClinPsych., Ph.D.

Dr. Murray is an Associate Professor and Director of the Eating Disorders Program in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California. His program of research focuses on identifying the mechanisms underpinning eating disorder psychopathology and the development of novel treatments.

Wednesday, February 26

Noor Aldayeh

Your Story Matters. Your Story is Important.

Noor Aldayeh is an 18 year old Arab American from Los Angeles, California. She is currently studying Film and Media at the Oxford College of Emory University. Noor was initially involved with NEDA in 2016, about a year after she spoke out about struggling with an eating disorder for the first time. Since then, she has aimed to use her story to try and create a positive impact on the people around her. She created the first mental health week at her school and co-founded the Education Emotion Project (EEP). Noor also uses her social media as a place to talk about these issues, and was a part of Instagram and NEDA’s “Come As You Are” collaboration for last year’s NEDA Awareness Week. In her free time, you could find Noor reading, writing, dancing, or taking pictures.

Melissa Toler

Unlearning Toxic Messages about Bodies

Melissa Toler is a writer and speaker. Her work encourages people to make the connection between our culture's oppressive health and beauty standards and our personal struggle with self-acceptance. Her goal is to help people use expressive writing to unlearn harmful messages and behaviors from years of chronic dieting. Melissa also has a background as a pharmacist and certified wellness coach.

Thursday, February 27

Denise Hamburger

"Every Woman" of My Era

Denise is the executive director of Be Real USA, a start-up non-profit with the mission to spread body confidence education and legislative advocacy across the country. She has been certified by the Illinois State Board of Education to train teachers on body image issues and curriculum for their professional development.

Denise is an advocate and ally for the rights of people suffering from the effects of living in our fat-phobic culture, whether that is the internalized fat-phobia or outright size discrimination that affect so many people in our culture. She has been instrumental in introducing legislation in Illinois to keep harmful diet products out of kids’ hands. Denise was an environmental lawyer in her first career, and has spent three decades actively involved in school-based non-profits, hoping to create quality education opportunities for all children. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband Daniel where they raised their 3 sons.

Shira Rosenbluth, LCSW

You Didn't Choose This and You Didn't Fail

Shira Rosenbluth, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in New York City. She has a passion for helping people feel their best in their body at any size and specializes in the treatment of disordered eating, eating disorders, and body-image dissatisfaction using a weight-neutral approach. She’s also the author of, a popular body positive style blog and you can find her on Instagram, @theshirarose. Find more about her therapy practice at

Friday, February 28

Sam Dylan Finch

There's No Such Thing As "Failure" In Recovery

Sam Dylan Finch is a writer best known for his blog Let’s Queer Things Up!. Since 2014, LQTU! has been read by millions of people, and is regarded as a groundbreaking resource on mental health in the LGBTQ+ community. Sam takes a compassionate and humorous approach to nuanced conversations. He explores topics like body politics, pop psych, LGBTQ+ identity, and more, creating viral content that has trended worldwide. He is currently the Lead Editor of Mental Health & Chronic Conditions at He also pens the popular astrology column Woo Curious, a spiritual approach to mental health and self-care, as well as Crazy Talk, a mental health advice column.

Dr. Alma S. Adams

Your Voice Is Making A Difference

Dr. Alma S. Adams was elected to her third full term representing the 12th Congressional District of North Carolina on November 6, 2018. After winning a special election in November 2014, Congresswoman Adams was sworn in immediately as the 100th woman elected to the 113th Congress. Representative Adams serves on the Committee on Financial Services; Committee on Education & Labor and the Committee on Agriculture. She holds several leadership roles as Chairwoman of the Committee on Education & Labor’s Subcommittee on Workforce Protections and Vice Chairwoman to the Committee on Agriculture. Congresswoman Adams serves on the Workforce Protections and Higher Education and Workforce Investment (Committee on Education and Labor); Nutrition, Oversight, and Department Operations (Committee on Agriculture); Diversity and Inclusion (Committee on Financial Services). One of her outstanding legislative accomplishments is the enactment of H.R. 5363, the Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources for Education (FUTURE) Act that permanently provides funding totaling $255 million a year for all Minority-Serving Institutions, including $85 million for HBCUs.

Saturday, February 29

Sand Chang, PhD

I Found My Professional Home in Trans Health

Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) is a Chinese American genderfluid/nonbinary/femme psychologist/trainer in practice for 15+ years. Sand co-authored A Clinician's Guide to Gender Affirming Care (New Harbinger, 2018) and the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients (2015). Sand is a board member and section editor for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, chapter author of the forthcoming WPATH SOC8, and co-founder of The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (The GALAP), a movement to make mental health letters for trans health care financially accessible. Sand's work is focused on gender, sexuality, disordered eating (from a Body Trust and HAES perspective), addictions, trauma/EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and attachment concerns. Outside of work, Sand is a dancer, food top, punoff competitor, and small dog enthusiast.

Rachel Millner, Psy.D., CEDS-S CBTP

Eating Is Emotional

Rachel Millner, Psy.D., CEDS-S CBTP is a psychologist, activist and advocate, a certified eating disorder specialist & supervisor and certified Body Trust® provider. Dr. Millner works with people with all forms of eating disorders as well as those wanting to heal their relationship with food and body. She is a fat positive, Health at Every Size®, weight inclusive provider. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Millner presents nationally on topics related to fat positive care, weight stigma in healthcare, and “atypical” anorexia. Dr. Millner has appeared on several popular podcasts talking about these topics and sharing about her own healing journey from eating disorders.

Sunday, March 1

Yoga & Body Image Coalition

YBIC Gathers NEDAwareness Week 2020 Writing

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is committed to body love by developing, promoting and supporting yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity. YBIC’s mission not only advocates yoga as an essential tool in personal transformation, from the inside out, but also includes a critical social justice component by challenging industry leaders and media creators to expand their vision of what a yogi looks like.

Chelsea Kronengold

20 Closing Thoughts for NEDAwareness Week 2020

Chelsea Kronengold is the Communications Manager at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), overseeing NEDA’s social media and communications. Additionally, Chelsea serves as a master trainer for the Body Project; an evidence-based body confidence and eating disorders prevention program for women and girls. Chelsea frequently speaks on behalf of NEDA about her personal and professional experience with body image, eating disorders, media literacy, and weight stigma; she has appeared in national media platforms including Teen Vogue, Huffington Post Live, Seventeen Magazine, WebMD and SiriusXM Doctor Radio.