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6 Empowering Ad Campaigns That Are Changing the Way We Talk About Bodies

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It’s no secret that advertisers are not always the most reliable when it comes to portraying realistic bodies. However, sometimes a company does get it right and launches a campaign centered on ensuring that very thing happens. We're…
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How I’m Utilizing Social Media for Social Good

I often want to delete all of my social media profiles. In fact, I deleted my Snapchat months ago and it has been great. But I keep my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter alive, and I do this because social media holds a lot of powers. One of them…
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Media and Your Body Image: What You Need to Know

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We spend more time than ever using media and everywhere we turn there are messages telling us how we should look that can make us feel less confident about our appearance. While we’re probably not going to use less media, we can protect our…
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Are You Media Literate?

It’s National Media Literacy Week, and you might be thinking, “I’m a savvy Millennial who knows everything there is to know about the Internet.” At least that’s what I thought until I read this really awesome, easy-to-use, super weapon…
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How the Media is Failing the Disabled Community

Note: this piece uses identity-first language (autistic, disabled, etc.) based on the preferences of many of our community members.  When I started watching Atypical, I was hopeful. Finally, there was a show purportedly centered on Sam,…
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Poll: 68% of Twitter Respondents Believe Media Portrays Bodies “Very Inaccurately”

On October 9, NEDA surveyed over 333 people about how accurately they felt the media portrayed people’s bodies. Of these people, 68% of respondents chose “Very inaccurately,” 24% chose “Fairly inaccurately,” 7% chose “Fairly accurately,”…
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Unrealistic Social Media Portrayals May Contribute to Body Dissatisfaction

In today’s culture, social media has begun to dominate even more of our lives, and its influence can quickly turn negative, according to a new study that focuses specifically on the effects of Instagram. Macquarie University and the University…
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Mindfulness in Media: How to Improve Eating Disorder Coverage

Every time a new piece of media hits the public regarding eating disorder representation, many of us are left to consider how the film and television industry can better portray the lives of those afflicted as well as convey the seriousness…

Your Cause Shouldn’t Be Concerned With My Body

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How often do advertisements and social media posts generate discussion not about the cause of the post or advertisement, but because of the way the message was delivered?Over the weekend, Moby, an American DJ and well known vegan activist, posted…
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What Does the Research Tell Us About Social Media and Body Image?

There’s been no lack of speculation about the effects of social media on body image and eating disorder recovery. On one hand, social media has fostered a diverse and vibrant body-positive and recovery community. On the other, social media…