5 Things You Can Do to Take Action on June 2: World ED Day!

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World Eating Disorders Action Day 2019

Eating Disorders: We Can’t Afford to Wait

Annually, every June 2 around the world has been proclaimed World Eating Disorders Action Day. This year is no different! World Eating Disorders Action Day was founded in 2015 by a handful of advocates who wanted to bring together global citizens in the fight against eating disorders. To date, in addition to 1000s of activists, affected people, and families, over 200 organizations in 43 countries (and counting) have united for this global campaign for awareness and change!


Eating disorders know NO boundaries and affect all genders, cultures, sexual orientations, ages, socioeconomic classes, abilities, races, ethnic backgrounds, and sizes. In fact, eating disorders have the second highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders, surpassed only by opioid use disorder. Early intervention is the best action we can take, because EATING DISORDERS CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT! And neither can we!

This year, the focus of World ED Day is on a global social media campaign to #showusyourpurple, local live events across the globe, and advocacy to enhance provider training for addressing eating disorders and ensure quality support to caregivers.

Five Things You Can Do to Take Action on June 2, World ED Day!

1. #Showusyourpurple

From Cape Town to Cairo, from Alaska to Cape Horn, from the Far North in Russia to Southern India – all cultures and countries are affected by eating disorders. Take a  snap of yourself, nominate someone else and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple.


2. Follow the Conversation

Use the campaign hashtags #ShowUsYourPurple, #WeDoActNow, #WorldEDDay2019 and #EatingDisordersCantAffordtoWait. Share, repost or retweet these downloadable graphics, or create a custom social media post sharing what this day of action means to you.

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Nine Truths About Eating Disorders

On June 2 itself, a new hashtag will launch: #WeDoAct2019! NEDA will be sharing select tweets and posts throughout the day, so don’t forget to tag @neda on Instagram and @NEDAstaff on Twitter!

3. Host or Attend a local event

Local events are held across the world. Check the World ED Day website to find one near you. We’re especially excited for this Facebook Live with Jenni Schaefer, NEDA Ambassador, taking place on May 29th at 6 PM CST.

Can’t find an in-person event? Host one yourself! Have a seminar, discussion session, radio show, or light up something purple. The sky is the limit!

4. Donate to an Eating Disorder Organization

Consider donating to NEDA to support our work. Donations fuel NEDA’s lifesaving programs and resources, like our Online Screening Tool, research grants, advocacy efforts, and more. All contributions to NEDA make an impact for those affected by eating disorders.


5. Discuss Eating Disorders

Look at the learn section of the NEDA website, as well as messages from the World ED Day website. Discuss them with your family, friends, school, or at your place of work. Through open, supportive diaglouge, we can create chage!

This post was modified from the Five Things You Can Do 2019 post on the World Eating Disorders Day website.