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Where do I start?

I was recently sought out help for my eating disorder. I guess I had been in denial for a while about it. I have 2 small girls and I want to be a healthy role model for them. I can't seem to break any of my behaviors. I want to but I am so scared and anxious of changing anything. What is the first step I can take? I am tired of hearing my husband and family simply telling me to stop exercising and eat a sandwich. If it was that easy I would have done that already.


You might benefit from being at a hospital for inpatient for your ED. I know it's scary, but it will change you for the better. I would seek out professional help, like a therapist.


Hi Crh8706!

Welcome to the forums- we are glad you're here :) I am so proud of you for recognizing there is a problem and seeking help! That is such an incredible step forward. And that motivation to recover for your family will carry with you in your recovery journey. It sounds like you truly want to recover, and that is crucial in moving forward. Please try to be gentle with yourself- it is so hard to break the ED mindset and begin to not engage in behaviors. But you did not choose your eating disorder. Know that and therefore know it is not your fault that it is hard to break from behaviors. It is so scary to even fathom coping with life without those behaviors- but it is possible. Full recovery is possible. I think seeking help is an excellent first step- will this be a therapist you will meet with regularly? I think this will really help you to get to the deeper roots of how your ED serves you and acts as means of coping. I've found from my experience that lasting recovery starts from the inside out. Like you mentioned it is so, so, SO much more than "just eat." It takes hard heart work, but it is so worth it. I know you will get there! There is always hope.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing <3 I will be thinking of you.