Thank You For Making Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2023 A Success

This Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#EDAW), NEDA, our contributors, and our volunteers were featured in nearly 1,000 press stories (double our average reach). Our resources were directly viewed by more than 6.7 million Americans and, overall, Americans increased their online search for eating disorders information by 89% over the last seven days.


That’s an incredible impact for one week.
You made it happen.
Thank you!


#EDAW2023 was our opportunity to center on lived experiences and eating disorder education, which are the essential catalysts for awareness and change. There were thousands of locally organized events taking place around the country. NEDA was equally humbled and honored to partner with more than 300+ collaborators around the nation, and we lit up more than 60 iconic landmarks in 30 states!

If you missed any of our content throughout the week please CLICK HERE for the links to the blog posts, videos, and more!

We’d like to personally thank our former Helpline Volunteers, NEDA Walk Coordinators, and our Campus Warriors for the events, videos, likes, shares – and the hope and joy you spread.

As another #EDAW ends, we at NEDA want to take this moment to urge global policymakers and thought leaders to increase their investment in research and resources.

This is especially important after a recent report in JAMA found that 22% of children and adolescents worldwide showed disordered eating. The proportion was further elevated among girls, older adolescents, and those with higher weight bodies.

We stand proud of our collective community accomplishments, while acknowledging that there is still more we all need to do. This is not an easy journey, but we are here for each other every step of the way. Hand in hand.


Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. 

What we gain is from each other with our shared

Strength Through Experience and Knowledge