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I'm currently starting to realise that I have personally been going through an eating disorder since the start of the year and that's due to years of being called fat and finally losing weight and seeing a difference. But i'm currently finding it so hard to talk to my friends and family how I feel as they worry and I don't want them too and they don't fully understand how i'm feeling. I told my mum recently that I was going to be seeing an eating clinic soon and told her how i felt about food and she just said how everyone feel like that about it in life and it kind of made me not want to talk to people and keep it closed up even more then I do already, I know I need help and support as i'm getting worried about myself right now but i just feel I do fully know who to talk to as I know nobody who understands or has been through this, which I think is making it harder for me. Is there any good places or groups online or call that offer great support?

Hey JodieLouise.

Hey JodieLouise.
It sounds like you're really looking out for yourself, that your putting you and your well being as a priority. That's an important first step on the road to recovery. The clinic you'll be visiting should be able to get you some good resources. They might actually even have group therapy sessions which might be a good way for you to get support from other people in real life. That can be powerful. As far as online goes this is a good community to connect with others who know the struggle of ED.
Sorry to hear that your mom doesn't really get it. But you're taking yourself seriously and that counts.
NEDA has a great deal of info and resources themselves. Here's a few links that I happened upon. Give them a look see if you please:

Keep us posted.

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