National Eating Disorders Association


Our newly launched blog is a space for NEDA staff to post updates and share their knowledge of eating disorders. We also plan to invite guest writers who will contribute their expertise. Learn more.


Often, there is an elevated level of shame and stigma that surrounds eating disorders, which can make it difficult to talk about what you are going through. However, whether you are personally affected by an eating disorder or supporting who is, the NEDA forums are designed to be a safe and welcoming space to discuss issues related to eating disorders, disordered eating and body image. Learn more.

Stories of Hope

Millions of people are affected by eating disorders, either personally or because someone they love is battling the disease. But hopes and dreams can sustain a person through difficult challenges and bring a person to a renewed place in their life. Learn more.

Sharing Your Story Responsibily

As someone with a personal connection to the field of eating disorders, be it through your own experience or that of a loved one, you are in unique position to offer hope, understanding and vital information to others. At the same time, it is important to carefully consider the potential impact of your message on the public, as well the effects of self-disclosure on your personal well-being. Learn more.