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The holidays can be tough! Attempting to juggle the stresses of constantly being surrounded by food and people is A LOT, especially if you struggle with an eating disorder or weight-related issues.

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In one month, many of the greatest activists and professionals will converge in San Diego at the annual NEDA Conference to discuss the state of eating disorder treatment, research, and advocacy. 

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The Internet has a bad reputation. With the click of a button, we can easily hurt one another, whether it be in regards to race, sex, religion, or appearance.

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Here at Proud2Bme & the National Eating Disorders Association, we believe that social media has the ability to empower people and spread messages of hope and (body) positivity. 

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For the week of April 27th–May 1st, the CSU Northridge Proud2Bme On Campus team has created a 5 Day Photo Challenge activity on social media. The idea came about after a successful week of campus events during NEDAwareness week.

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At Proud2Bme, we're tired of narratives that portray young people with mental illness as helpless victims. We're tired of one-dimensional characters and after-school specials.

So when we heard about Gren Wells's directorial debut film, The Road Within, which comes out this Friday, we were immediately excited by this refreshing take on an issue we've seen mishandled time and time again.

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This twitter chat focused on young people making change in their communities: spreading awareness, advocating to fight eating disorders, and promoting body positivity. Participants on the chat also explored media activism and self-care.

Missed the February 25, 2015 Twitter Chat about youth activism? Check out the transcript below:

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The internet can be a scary place. I love social media but I also know that it can be full of photos of unattainable bodies, ads for products to make us fit society’s beauty ideals, and people more interested in making hurtful memes than spreading body positivity. It’s easy to get mired in negativity and to feel like there isn’t a place for you in the Kardashian-dominated media landscape that we find ourselves in today. 

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Hi everyone, I just want to say that we all deal with pain. And we all try to deal with this pain in various ways, mostly it has been maladaptive. I have written a lot recently about a resurgence of pain due to the fact that my sister moved back in and her controlling ways. We are both strong headed. That doesn't go well when trying to work on a relationship. I spoke with my father tonight and he said I used to tell on my sisters a lot when I was a kid and he doesn't want that happening again with my sister now.

Really happy :-)

Right now I am doing really well. The excitement of trying my new and improved dress will be on my birthday, the 8th of next month!!! I'll be 35. Everyday I'm a newlywed, since everyday is new with my husband, best friend and soulmate. April 21st is going to be AWESOME!!! Just wanted to share how happy I am at the moment. I am truly feeling blessed.