National Eating Disorders Association

If you’ve ever sought treatment for an eating disorder, then it is likely that you’ve also struggled with insurance coverage.

Treatment centers nationwide are filled with tales of patients having their inpatient stays cut short because their insurance deemed them “medically stable,” of families who refinanced their entire lives to treat their loved ones, of women and men who bounce in and out of hospitals because they can never stay long enough to make real progress.

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Free yoga classes! Lower health insurance premiums! Discounts and cash! And all you have to do is participate in your workplace wellness program! Good deal, right?

In theory, it makes sense to use incentives to encourage employees to improve their health. But in practice, many of these “voluntary” programs are discriminatory and can be especially dangerous to those affected by eating disorders.

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In a story about the complex world of mental health and insurance, called “Denied,” 60 Minutes anchor, Scott Pelley interviewed Nancy West. Nancy, who is a friend of NEDA, shared the tragic story of her daughter Katherine’s death as a result of complications from an eating disorder.

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In 2010, the family of a 14-year-old girl who was suffering from anorexia filed a complaint against health insurance giant Cigna for denying coverage for the nutritional counseling her doctors deemed necessary. This complaint, and many others like it, prompted the New York Attorney General’s office to launch an investigation into some of Cigna’s practices.

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New Jersey took a big step forward in addressing eating disorders this week when the School Employees Health Benefits Program Plan Design Committee voted unanimously to approve a program that requires coverage for the treatment of substance abuse issues, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

NEDA applauds Governor Chris Christie for his commitment to insurance coverage for individuals who suffer from mental illness and encourages him and the state of New Jersey to continue working to expand coverage to those on the State Health Benefits Plan as well.

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No fighting

I've only had 4 things to eat because I have been counting calories all day. It hasn't been good. I won't list what it is I ate or the number of calories though. I don't want to trigger anyone.

NEDA applauds President Obama for his speech at the National Conference on Mental Health on Monday, June 3rd, which emphasized the importance of increasing awareness and understanding about mental health issues. Specifically, the speech tackled three points central to the conversation surrounding mental health in the United States: reducing stigma, access to care, and the real possibility of recovery.

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Maintaining mental recovery - avoiding relapse

Hello everyone :)

I have a problem. I've been maintaining my recovery well since around 2013. Now - 4 years later I have begun to struggle again through my state of mind.