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Insurance Refusing Coverage

My insurance will only pay for inpatient care at a eating disorder clinic but my 14 daughter does not qualify at this time for inpatient care. She was diagnosed this past Monday with Anorexia and her doctor prefers for her to go to a clinic to receive outpatient care but the insurance company keeps denying the appeal. Does anyone have any recommendations? At this time we can not afford the outpatient program out of pocket. As a recovering Bulimic/Anorexic myself I know the outpatient care is the best for my daughter right now. To see a regular specialist once or twice a week is not going to provide her with what she really needs right now. Suggestions?


Hi amitybrandt, welcome to the NEDA forums! It sounds like you're having a really frustrating time with your insurance company which unfortunately is a pretty common experience. NEDA offers resources on how to deal with insurance including the NEDA Navigators who are trained volunteers that can help answer your questions on a variety of topics:

Insurance Resources:

Parent Toolkit:

NEDA Navigators:

Hope these can help you in some way :)



I'm with Klanza on this. Sometimes it seems like what insurance companies tell you is the last word on the thing, but I suspect that other parents might tell you that if you keep working on them….sometimes they will change their minds.

So I'd really pursue the resources that Klanza mentioned, and see if you can get in touch with other parents who have been down the same road. In fact, I think there are lawyers who specialize in making insurance pay in ED cases, so you know they can be a little more flexible sometimes than they would generally like people to believe.