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Hypermetabolism and Bloating

Is it normal to feel very hot and thirsty after resuming normal eating habits? I feel like I get bloated easily after eating normally again. Also I am always thirsty. Will this eventually go away once I maintain normal eating habits? I feel like my metabolism has drastically increased. Why is this?



Thank you for reaching out to this forum. We had to modify your post a little bit in order to keep within the guidelines of these forums. We ask that all members refrain from posting any language that might be triggering including numbers, measurements, calories, food amounts, and any specific harmful behaviors.

There are a number of physical symptoms that you can experience while you are recovering from an eating disorder. Those symptoms can vary between individuals. To answer your question about whether these symptoms will subside for you, We would encourage you to ask your doctor (or someone on your treatment team). Your doctor would also be able to address your question about your metabolism. Metabolism is something that varies greatly between individuals based on sex, age, health conditions, etc.

Feeling hot and thirsty can be very uncomfortable. Continue to keep yourself well hydrated and talk to your health professional about other ways to deal with the symptoms if they become very bothersome for you.

Your questions are good ones. Continue to take care of yourself and maintain your recovery. Reach out on these forums any time. We are here to support you.

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Unfortunately, it is going to be uncomfortable at first. Your body is not used to the amount of food you are eating, and so you are going to feel bloated. I promise, this will go away with time as your body recognizes that it won't be deprived again and your metabolism regulates itself. In the meantime, there are things you can do to help yourself feel better. I have found the stretching out after eating helps, especially the seal stretch and the downward dog as those stretch out your core. Also, essential oils like mint and lavender help with feelings of being too full or nauseated.
In regards to metabolism, yes. It is completely normal for your metabolism to go absolutely crazy when refeeding. That is because all of a sudden, your body is getting food again! It is so excited that it doesn't know what to do. During this time, it is important that you pay attention to your body and feed it when it is hungry so you don't lose any of the amazing progress you have made. When refeeding, you are probably going to have to eat A LOT more than you think you do because of this and to repair the damage that was done to your body when you weren't eating healthily. This will regulate in time too. Recovery takes time, but it sounds like you are determined and trying your best to stick with it. The more you do, the better you will feel, and the faster the process will be.
Stay strong and keep at it!
Healing hugs,