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How to help a friend.

My friend is not eating much and im sure she is loosing weight fast ,I can not be there for here physically to help her but its rough and im trying to help her but she seems set in her ED ways she has in the past told me its your choice where you do it or not when I went to her about my ed in the past .

And im unsure how to support her with kicking the habit im emotionally frustrated and drained.


Hi there. With your friend, it is good that you are reaching out to her. I know from experience that until a person sees the need to change or accept that they have an eating disorder and the dangers of it, that all the encouragement and offers to help will be difficult for that person to accept it. What would you think about just being there if she wants to talk, and really pray for her? Prayer is probably the best thing you can do right now. And just waiting until she comes to you.

I am sorry you are so depleted and worn out. Where does the frustration come from, from your struggles or trying to support your friend? When in an airplane, they always tell passengers to put the mask on your own face before helping another or your own child's mask on because in order to help others you have to be able to be take care others. This may sound anti-biblical, but it really isn't, I don't think. If you are drowning, you can't save someone else who is also drowning.

I hope and pray for your health and healing. Then we, you, can be used to help so many others. God uses our suffering and trials to be able to have compassion for others as we have walked in their shoes. I would be no good to help someone struggling with drug addiction because I haven't been there. But I can reach out and share what my experience was like and offer to others Hope, and let them know recovery is possible. I believe that with all my heart. So God bless you for loving and caring for your friend. You are an amazing person.


Sorry for the late response ive been sick lately and tons of appts , but i have separated myself from it all in order to recovery not that i hate her or anything but im recovered now for the most part . Yay

But now dealing with SI ugghh . thanks you are amazing honestly and i think an pray for you everyday and I hope that you are very good and healthy many blessings to you .i guess it came from my not being able to help her.