Get Involved

Volunteer or Intern

Our dedicated volunteers advance our mission every single day. Simply put, NEDA couldn’t do it without them! We have a wide variety of opportunities to get involved at our New York office, but we also depend on volunteers all around the country in activities such as legislative advocacy, event coordination, and the NEDA Navigator program. Find out more about how you can make a difference. Learn more.

Solutions Through Advocacy & Reform (STAR) Program

NEDA established the STAR Program to advocate on behalf of those affected by eating disorders. That may include speaking to policy makers at the state and federal levels of government, and no experience is necessary. We help train and educate volunteers every step of the way. Issues may include but not limited to  early intervention and prevention programs, funding for research, improved access to treatment of eating disorders or fighting weight discrimination.   We welcome any and all organizations,  groups and individuals who share our vision to responsibly advocate for advancements and forward  progress in the field of eating disorders. Learn more.

Media Watchdog Program

The Media Watchdog program works to improve media messages about size, weight and beauty by empowering consumers to advocate for change.  We are all consumers of the media and we can all speak out to educate industry leaders. It is important that the media learns about the impacts of their messages and it is our role to encourage companies to develop and disseminate healthy messages. Learn more.

NEDA Walks

NEDA Walks are inspirational events to unite communities in supporting those affected by eating disorders and to raise awareness and vital funds to support NEDA’s programs. Learn more.

Participate In NEDAwareness Week

Join us by educating your community about eating disorders during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week!  Each year volunteers across the U.S. and in at least 30 other countries host events, join social media campaigns, and distribute information about body image, the dangers surrounding eating disorders, and the need for early intervention and treatment. Every year, more and more people participate to provide education and awareness, that results in increased numbers of people reaching out for help through NEDA’s Helpline, NEDA Navigator program and online resources. Your actions make a difference in the lives of those affected. Visit the NEDAwareness Week website to learn more.

Proud2Bme On Campus

NEDA launched Proud2Bme On Campus in response to the growing epidemic of eating disorders on college campuses. This national initiative brings students, faculty and campus services together in the fight against eating disorders. Find out about how you can join the movement and bring eating disorders awareness, education and resources to your campus. Learn more.