National Eating Disorders Association

Eating disorders are serious, life-threatening illnesses that impact millions of people every year in the United States.

Get the Facts on Eating Disorders

In spite of the unprecedented growth of eating disorders in the past two decades, eating disorders research continues to be under-funded, insurance coverage for treatment is inadequate, and societal pressures to be thin remain rampant. Learn more. 

Mortality and Eating Disorders

This study systematically searched for articles pertaining to eating disorders mortality between the years of 1966 and 2010. Mortality rates are calculated for eating disorders and subtypes. Learn more.

Prevalence and Correlates of Eating Disorders in Adolescents

A new study estimates that approximately a half million teens struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating.  Five eating disorders were ascertained, as well as their prevalence. There were several surprises in this study, including that they did not find a female preponderance of anorexia or bulimia. Learn more.