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feeling a little bit better

Hi everyone. I hope today has been kind to you. My physical health is getting better but I am still weak and tired. I am going back to work tomorrow. Regarding my sister, she has shut down and has been staying in her room. Two days ago she asked me if we could talk and I told her I wasn't ready. She got mad and hasn't spoken to me since. I need to talk to my therapist first and need a third person involved.

Something I don't understand but it has existed as long as my eating disorder has is that when I ask per my therapists, my parents, not to mention diet talk, their newest diet, diet talk, they used to post their weights on the refrigerator, my dad gets very loud and angry and says he will not allow my problem interfere with his life and have him walking on eggshells around me and have him watching everything he is saying because it might make me sick. My father is a wonderful man who will do anything for me, he'll climb Mt Everest for me. But for some reason when it comes to refraining from not talking about dieting or food or weight around me he becomes furious and my mom has to raise her voice and tell him to stop being such a problem. She said if I were an alcoholic they wouldn't be putting alcohol at the table. Then he said he understood. All of my family has problems with food. Or most. It is just that I have been diagnosed and been the most ill and have been in treatment. I don't understand why he chooses to become so hostile when it comes to me asking not talkin about dieting and food around me. He'll help in any other way. It seems he doesn't want to have to change anything in his house regarding me related to the eating disorder. My mother backed me up and says they are always on a diet and do always talk about food and diets.

On a better note. I am hopeful that I will continue to feel better. My therapist is back on Friday. Forty-five minutes is not going to begin to be enough time to say all I need to talk about.

Thank you to all who have supported me during this rough patch. I very much appreciate it and thank you. I will continue to walk in Hope and take it one day at a time in my recovery. iwanttolive

Glad you are feeling better

Hi iwanttolive, I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and are optimistic about your recovery process! It's really difficult when you don't feel your family's support at all times but I do hope that things get better with your sister and that your father eases on talking about things that might be triggering to you. I'm glad you have your mother's support though! And that your therapist is back! Seems like things are getting back on track! Please keep sharing with us, we are all here to support you <3


Hi, I am glad that you are feeling better. I hope it does get better also with your sister. Hugs to you.