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Don't know what to tell you about giving you some advice about laxative use but can tell you the administrators are going to edit your post. We're not supposed to mention specific names of any type of medication or of any type of food nor are we supposed to share our personal info. FYI so don't be surprised.


What helps me a lot is taking a supplement and write food like some one said if I don't flow my diet just a little may cause problems I have only 5 days but to me it looks like forever and before I had 6 days I took 1 now compared to what I use to take over 3yers it's a joke I steel have hadaiks sweat my feet are killing me some time but not as much can't believe I'm doing this whis all the other problems I got .thanks god bless

Coming off Laxatives

I decided today to stop abusing laxatives, I was takes laxatives 4 times per day. I also suffer from anorexia and chewing and spitting. I am first going to deal with coming off the laxatives and then tackle being able to eat and swallow food. What should I expect from coming off the laxatives cold turkey? Probably edema. Do any of you have any advice? Did anyone suffer from laxative abuse and anorexia at the same time? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have Medicaid and cannot get ED specialist help.

Dear mosone02, we would like

Dear mosone02, we would like to let you know that we edited your post to remove medication names, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review our community guidelines here. Thanks for your understanding and please continue posting! 

Medical help

Those would all be questions for your doctor because we're not supposed to give medical advice here. Also going to warn you that come Monday the administrators are going to delete the mention of specific medications because those are not supposed to be mentioned either. I did have anorexia as well as extreme laxative abuse and I chewed and spit and I have successfully been able to overcome most of them. Sure I have occasions where I have some laxative abuse. And I restrict from time to time but not that often. It's an eating disorder I'm not cured but I am doing better so there's hope. Myself, I am on a prescription laxative so I don't know what to tell you about going cold turkey and again that's something to ask your doctor. I'm sorry you're not able to have an ed specialist. My suggestion is just to work with your doctor and maybe a psychiatrist?

Long term laxatives after surgery

In 2015 I had a colostomy, followed by a reversal 8 months later. Since that time, eliminating has been an ongoing issue. I need to eliminate several times a day every day. It's a constant struggle. After I eat I feel horribly bloated and in pain, only relieved by eliminating. I take 7-8 supplement (herbals) capsules of different types throughout the day. On a good day, this keeps me 'going'.. on a bad day, I still need some kind of laxative at the end of the day. The pain can become unbearable. Impossible to sleep through the night. I've seen the original surgeon, a few gastroenterologists, alternative doctors. No one has a clue how to help me. When I've experimented with NOT taking any 'aids' the pain becomes absolutely unbearable. I have no idea what to do next, but I want a normal life again.

Best advice

This is something best talked about with your medical doctor, as we are not allowed to give advice.

Rectal laxative abuse

Hi.I am 26 years old girl with rectal laxative abuse for about 20 years.I need tired of this.i need help..?? Is there someone with simular problem?

Best bet

Is to go to your doctor or hospital. Unfortunately we can't give any medical advice because we are not medical professionals. I hope you can get help soon.

Natural laxatives 10 yrs

<p>I have been taking a natural laxative for probably 10 yrs. I have always had a very slow digestion system and would only have a BM once or twice a week,so I started taking this natural laxative.(If I have a colonoscopy done I have to do a 2 day prep and I'm still not empty. )Long story short I've cut way back on these pills wanting to stop taking them. Well long story short I have not had a bm in four days. I have gas but that's about it. I'm not sure how to get things going I almost feel like I could go but can't and don't want to strain or sit there forever. What to do.</p>


Best to your medical doctor. We are not allowed to give advice. I hope you find an answer.

Laxative abuse

I’ve been totally oblivious to it but I’ve been abusing laxatives for many years. It made my constipation so bad I weighed X. I’m now X but I have a long way to go.


The weight is not appropriate and against the rules. It will be deleted.


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