National Eating Disorders Association

Sorry we missed you! NEDA's Helpline is currently closed. 

The Helpline will be closed on Monday, January 17th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. We will resume regular hours on January 18th. 

Regular Helpline chat hours are Monday to Thursday 9AM to 9PM Eastern Time, and Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time.

Regular Helpline phone hours are Monday to Thursday 11AM to 9PM Eastern Time, and Friday 11AM to 5PM Eastern Time. 

Regular Helpline text hours are Monday to Thursday 3PM to 6PM Eastern Time, and Friday 1PM to 5PM Eastern Time. 

If you are currently in a crisis, please dial 911, call 1.800.273.8255 or text “N.E.D.A” to 741741.

While we are offline, please consider the following resources:

The NEDA Forums are a safe and confidential place to ask for support from others going through similar issues you might be facing.

Our online screening is a helpful tool in helping you figure out what is going on and can help determine if it’s time to seek professional help.

If you are looking for general information about eating disorders, the Learn section of our website offers information on eating disorders, warning signs and symptoms, identity and eating disorders, body image, prevention and treatment.

If you are looking for treatment options, you can use our treatment map to locate providers or treatment facilities near you. If options are limited in your area, please contact us again and one of our trained volunteers will be happy to make an extensive search for you!

If you are reaching out for your loved one, we have plenty of information on our website to get you started:

How Do I Help section of our website provides information on how to help a loved one struggling with an eating disorder.

The NEDA Parent Toolkit is for anyone who wants to understand more about how to support a family member or friend affected by an eating disorder. You will find answers to your insurance questions; signs, symptoms and medical consequences; information about treatment and levels of care; and questions to ask when choosing a treatment provider.

If you are located in the UK, you can contact BEAT for resources in your country.

If you are located in Canada, you can contact NEDIC for resources in your country.

If you are from another country, please contact our Helpline when we are open and we would be happy to direct you to eating disorder organizations in your country.