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Bulimia recovery and swollen face

I've struggled on and off with restrictive eating for a few years, I was overcoming it but I recently started purging in an attempt to control my weight.

It was infrequently at first but in the last 6 weeks, I've been purging more often - enough for my glands to become sore and swollen. I absolutely hate the chipmunk cheeks!!!

I haven't purged in 2 days and I never will again - I'd rather temporarily gain a bit of weight than have this face - but how long until the swelling goes down?? They've only been swollen since my last b/p, so it's not a long standing problem.. but I hate looking like this, will it go back to normal soon?

It's really getting me down whilst I'm trying to be positive in recovery :(

Swollen Face

Hey LadyT,
I am not quite sure when the swollen glands will go down, but I want you to know that I think your decision to stop purging is remarkable. The swelling will go down eventually and remember this feeling is only temporary.

Have a wonderful night,