National Eating Disorders Association

NEDA Public Policy Team

In August, NEDA officially established a full policy team with the appointment of Joslyn P. Smith as Director of Public Policy and Community Relations. 

This roundtable discussion series is a collaboration between NEDA and the Yoga and Body Image Coalition

NEDA and the Yoga and Body Image Coalition are excited to announce the second roundtable in our collaborative roundtable series, Growing & Thriving Together: A Roundtable Series on Diversity, Inclusivity & Accessibility in Yoga and Fitness Spaces. While the roundtables are open for anyone to view, this series is especially geared toward yoga and fitness instructors.  

This week, as we near the close of Weight Stigma Awareness Week, I have felt deeply reflective about my own eating disorder journey. When my TEDx Talk, “In a World That is Wrong About Us” was released earlier this summer, I had no idea how my story about gender, fatness, and recovery would be received. I was overwhelmed with fear about how others might undermine my experience, especially my strong claims about weight stigma. Throughout the countless re-writes of my talk, I found myself repeatedly trying to resist the pressure to sugar coat my story . . .