National Eating Disorders Association

Awareness hurts, but it saved my life. Awareness is far more difficult than being ambivalent or ignorant, but it is absolutely necessary for recovery.

My beautiful mother Judy seemed to always defy the odds her whole life. In the face of her struggle with mental illness, more specifically anorexia, depression, and anxiety, I witnessed a very strong woman, though she might not have felt that way.  When I think about my mom, what comes to mind quickly is courage, bravery, resilience, and perseverance! She was, and is, an overcomer! 

It's May 6th, which means the NEDA Network's first national No Diet Day is finally here! NEDA is excited to collaborate with our Network members on this important initiative to encourage the rejection of diet culture, and to promote the elimination of shame associated with society’s standards of beauty and respect for all body shapes and sizes.