National Eating Disorders Association

When I first stumbled across NEDA on their Instagram page, I was sitting in a psychology lecture in my university. The name had popped up a couple of times before, but when I started to actually research what the organization was all about I knew immediately: I had to apply! I had never known such a thing existed, a non-profit organization of that size specifically tackling the topic of eating disorders, neither in Germany nor anywhere else in the world. When, a few weeks later, I officially got accepted to become a NEDA Helpline intern, I knew my internship was going to be special.  

I was in my junior year of college when I decided I needed some more hands-on professional experience. Having witnessed two of my closest friends struggle with body image concerns and eating disorders, I was naturally drawn to apply to become a NEDA Helpline volunteer. 

It’s the holiday season! In New York, it’s the time of year where bright lights twinkle and greet you as you walk down the street. Crowds of people gather to look at the stunning tree in Rockefeller Center. After walking a few frigid blocks, you dip into a cute coffee shop to grab a hot chocolate. Cradling your own little heater, you head over to Bryant Park to enjoy the offerings the cute shops provide, and maybe a little ice skating, if you aren’t a total klutz like me. The atmosphere, energy, and the bright lights bring the city alive during this time of year.