National Eating Disorders Association

It was only once I recovered from my eating disorder that I began to understand its gravity. I kept some journal entries, various gems left to be uncovered in the margins of my planner, nuggets of wisdom to be siphoned from my notes app of those years. I was in college, but it probably started before that. It’s no coincidence that I don’t actually know what came first: my eating disorder or my queer awakening. I revisited those archives: the journal entries, notes, nuggets, and scrawls, and tied them together into this list.

This week, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is celebrating National Volunteer Week. We are highlighting the importance of volunteerism by celebrating the individuals and families who come together to support NEDA throughout its different programs and services.

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition (YBIC) has been a long-time Partner in Change. This blog round-up, in honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness (#NEDAwareness) Week 2022, highlights how the practice of yoga can be an integral component in the effective treatment of and ongoing recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating.