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Bloating in recovery

Hi does any body else struggle with crazy bloating and flatulence during recovery?!? Just makes it so much harder... if so what do u do to hel? ✌️

Totally normal

Hi Ocean2,

Yes. This is very normal in recovery. It does get better and just takes a little time and patience!! I know it can be hard to push the negative thoughts out of your head when you feel bloated, but realize that it is just that....bloat. Nothing else. Flatulence can be a tad embarrassing sometimes, but guess what, we are all human and it's just part of being human!! Just be patient. I'll be thinking about you! Keep us updated!


Yes! I bloat so much throughout the day it is unbelievable. I look pregnant sometimes. I basically only wear dresses and leggings now because of the "swelling." It's very difficult.

How are things?

Hi Ocean2,

Just wanted to check in and see how things are going?

I Totally Relate

Last 2 months ago when I 1st got a job i fit into my work clothes, like dresses perfectly.

Now w/ the extreme heat, hot summer that is, I drink tons of water and am retaining and therefore my dresses seem snug fitting now due to my bloating.

I just tried on some new clothes today that ordered few months ago and I could kick myself in the butt because I hadn't a clue that they would fit tighter but it's just water retention.

I try to keep drinking water.