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Bloating even after small meals.

So, after putting an effort into Not binging and focusing on the healthy side of eating , i feel as though God is punishing me in a Delayed sort of fashion. I mean i haven't binged in a few days and my stomach is so bloated that i just cant understand what the heck is going on with my body. My image is bad enough as it is internally. Everything is so delayed. My period is even delayed. I dont even know when its due next as its always so irregular that i've learned just to expect it whenever i get it and hope it just hurries up and is over and done with as soon as i get it. I secretly hate my period and wish it would stop permanently and never return to torture my body, and inconvenience me like it does whenever it visits me ????So this severe bloating may be a PMS thing this week, perhaps its due soon. My period that is????

Your body needs to heal and

Your body needs to heal and sadly, the bloating is just your body trying to get better from what you have put it through. The bloating will get better when your system heals and when you eat normally. Sleep, water, regular meals, kindness to yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

How long will i have to endure this BLOATING

I've been Super Sizing Free for a week now and my stomach still seems very bloated but like its full of water not fat. Im following a new diet but its very challenging and not working fast enough for me. What else can i do to increase my body into getting into tip top shape after giving up binging. My tummy is just protruding in a fashion that is beyond my comfort zone. I do gym or walk after work a few times each week.I feel pregnant but I am pretty sure I'm NOT. i took several OTC tests and they all are negative, yey.

Hi 1Bluerose68,

Like Soulmeat said, it's natural for your body to go through changes as part of the healing and recovery process. The side effects you're worried about won't last forever.

I'm happy to hear that you've been able to avoid bingeing on some foods; that's a great sign of progress! Try to focus on your successes, instead of the things you might perceive as failures. Every little victory is an important step toward recovery.

You mentioned you've been trying a new diet and have made changes to your food/water intake. Are you working with a nutritionist/dietician or some other kind of professional? If you're following a professional's plan, I would try to trust in their judgment and be patient while waiting to notice any changes in your body. If you aren't working with a professional, have you considered speaking to someone to get advice regarding a meal/exercise plan? That might be a great way to keep you on track.

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us here on the forums. I'm sorry to hear things have been rough, but I hope you can take the time to be kind to yourself and let your body recover. Please keep us updated!! :)

I workout at a gym and walk too.

I have seen a dietician but do not work long term w/ 1. Kind of on my own as my last therapist dropped me abruptly saying he thought i w2as fine and did not feel i needed further therapy w/ him at kaiser.