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Almost fainted

I had therapy this morning, and my session went very well. I went to the grocery store after that to grab some things I needed, when suddenly I started feeling light headed and weak. I also felt a bit dizzy, I tried not to panic, and thought maybe my blood pressure or sugar is low. I started eating a snack hoping it would help. Slowly but surely it helped and I tried to get everything I needed and rush to my car. I had my 11 month old with me so I definitely was worried I'd pass out in the middle of the store. Shortly after that episode, I binged and purged while I was at home. What is wrong with me? When things start looking up and I haven't done it in two days, I slip and feel like crap. I tried to stay positive and not let it ruin me and keep thinking "I can still do it, this is a slip, tomorrow will be another day, you can beat this". Still days left of this week and I am really really hoping I can stick with it and not go for another time.

Sorry to hear this happened.

Sorry to hear this happened. It sounds pretty scary. While it certainly could have been from low blood sugar or low blood pressure, I would highly recommend speaking to your treatment team or medical professional about it to ensure nothing else needs to be evaluated. I know that you are feeling pretty down, but be kind to yourself. You are making great progress! You are sticking with therapy (which is very hard!) and you have a desire to get better. You have what it takes. Recovery is full of good and bad days and that’s ok - the best thing you can do is just keep going and be kind to yourself during the process. You are strong enough to get through this :)

Gee that might be a First indicator of Several medical red Flags

Could red flag the beginning of a New pregnancy, the dizziness especially, and then the feelings of out of control binging after feeling dizzy too. Also that goes with low blood sugar, anxiety, and many other things like heart irregularities too. go see your medical doctor and make sure you describe these symptoms to the Dr. Good Luck, and eat right.....

thank you

I have spoken to my doctor about my dizziness and my other symptoms, and he thinks it may be due to malnutrition and my ED. Binging and purging can give you heart failure and that is what he told me. It really scares me a lot because I feel like I'm already showing signs of it with my heart rate being so low. I don't think I could be pregnant because I'm on birth control. I need lots of help controlling my urges to binge and purge. I hope I can keep going on this week without doing it another time.

I'm glad you spoke to your

I'm glad you spoke to your doctor regarding the dizziness. This situation sounds dangerous, and it seems like you truly want to work towards stopping it, which is a huge step towards recovery. You mentioned that you need help controlling your behaviors; are you currently seeing a therapist? If not, I highly suggest calling the NEDA Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 (M-R 9-9, F 9-5 EST). The volunteers who work the Helpline can help you locate resources in your area, including therapists who specialize in EDs.

Stay strong, and keep us updated!

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