National Eating Disorders Association


Elizabeth Thompson, Chief Executive Officer

Margo Lucero, Chief Operating and Chief Development Officer

Sarah Chase, Vice President Communications and Marketing

Lauren Smolar, Vice President, Mission and Education


Nadine Lafleur, Office Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Development Department

Daniel Parr, Director of Development Operations

Joel Richards, Director of Peer-to-Peer and Development

Emma Tomasetti, Associate Manager, Development

Program Department

Elizabet Altunkara, LMSW, Director of Education

Nicole Doyle, Helpline Associate

Shivani Dutt, Helpline Supervisor

Gabe Gavito, MS, Senior Program Manager

Abbie Harper, Helpline Associate

Leela Hauze, Helpline Associate

Laena McDonald, Helpline Associate

Mollie Schlapp-Gilgoff, LMSW, Helpline Supervisor

Ashley Sefcik, Helpline Associate



Nia Grey, Digital and Social Media Associate