National Eating Disorders Association

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) welcomes partnership and collaboration in the fight against eating disorders. NEDA is able to offer high quality services to its constituency because of ongoing support and creative collaborations with organizations, corporations and philanthropies throughout the country.

Organizational Partners

Academy For Eating Disorders

Binge Eating Disorders Association

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals

Educational Partners

The Gürze Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue is designed for individuals interested in or diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, a family member, a loved one, a concerned friend, or a professional, to become as educated as possible. This guide provides reliable information and resources on Eating Disorders and Recovery in order to promote understanding, compassion, support, and healing. It is the most widely used resource in the eating disorders field since 1980.

Media Partners

The Mighty

Our new partnership with The Mighty will bring NEDA's resources in front of their wide-reaching readership. NEDA will now have a growing home page on The Mighty where people can get involved with us.The Mighty is a story-based health community focused on improving the lives of people facing disease, disorder and disability. More than half of Americans are facing serious health conditions or medical issues. We encourage you to submit a story to The Mighty and make your voice heard.

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Eating Disorder Hope

Eating Disorder Hope is a vibrant online community that provides resources for those touched by eating disorders in any way. Through its nationwide treatment directory, interactive social media events, the Pro-Recovery Movement and more, Eating Disorder Hope actively works to promote hope and healing within the eating disorder community. Learn more!


*Please note that the list above does not include all corporate contributors to the National Eating Disorders Association.