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Is Your College Student Struggling with an Eating Disorder? The Warning Signs You Need to Know
By Sydney Brodeur-Johnson, PhD, LCP

This blog post is sponsored and contributed by Veritas Collaborative.

The Impact of Weight Stigma on our Mental Health
By Ashely Seruya

This blog post is sponsored and contributed by Center For Discovery.

Experiencing stigma and discrimination negatively impacts our mental health just as much as our physical health. Weight stigma is no different.

Imagine a World Without Weight Hate
By Chelsea Kronengold, Communications Manager

This Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW), taking place Monday, September 28 - Friday, October 2, 2020, we want to End Weight Hate and help the broader eating disorders community understand why weight stigma and weight discrimination should matter to everyone. As well as how it contributes to and exacerbates eating disorders in people of all sizes, especially folks in higher weight bodies. 

Weight & Generational Trauma
By Stephanie Parker

Everyone’s eating disorder struggle looks and feels different. The same thing could be said about body hate and weight stigma. For me, weight and body image triggers go hand in hand. For the most part, I’m grateful because my eating disorder didn’t really intrude on my body image or weight. Even though my ED has led me to and through abusive relationships, toxic work environments, self-sabotage and hair pulling -- it hasn’t really had as much impact on my perception of my weight and body image, at least that’s what I thought.