Parent, Family & Friends Network

The PFN is here to support families and friends of those struggling with an eating disorder by providing personal connection and resources that fit your needs. Our PFN Steering Committee provides valuable input on NEDA’s programs and identifies new resources and topics to cover in PFN publications and webinars, including the following:

  • The NEDA Navigators program, an outreach of the Parent, Family and Friends Network (PFN), offers support to those whose loved ones are struggling with an eating disorder. It connects those in need of support and guidance with a highly trained volunteer who has supported their own loved one and can offer insight, encouragement, and referrals to treatment options and helpful resources .
  • The Making Connections Magazine is by and for PFN members, offering vital information on a diverse range of topics and fellow members’ personal stories offering insight, tools and strategies for recovery, self-care, and hope.
  • The free PFN Webinar Series offers an opportunity to learn directly from professionals in the field as well as others PFN members sharing lessons learned through their own journey.
  • If you’ve lost a loved one to an eating disorder, the Loss Support Network is here to support you through connection to others who have experienced this unique type of grief.

Need more information want to suggest a topic? Email us at and we will help direct you to the many programs and resources designed just for you.