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Alternative and Miscellaneous Resources:

These resources are eating disorder-specific resources, which use evidence-based treatment modalities to provide non-traditional support tools specifically for eating disorder recovery. Resources that are listed on this page do not fall into traditional in-person treatment options, but offer resources for individuals and loved ones looking for early intervention resources before they are at a point where they require the help of in-person professionals, or for individuals who do not have access the traditional treatment options. In order for a resource to meet the standards to be listed on this page it must be:

  • Eating disorder specific
  • Evidence-based treatment application
  • Professionally operated/trained volunteers moderated
  • Approved by our clinical advisors and deemed to be an appropriate resource for individuals looking for support with eating disorders
NEDA Resources:

NEDA offers support options to individuals and loved ones affected by eating disorders to provide them with support throughout the treatment and recovery process. These programs are not replacements for professional help, but they are designed and operated with the aid of NEDA Clinical Advisors to be used as a helping hand while navigating the journey to recovery from an eating disorder.