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Young daughter in Recovery

I have a 10yr old daughter who recently spent 4wks admitted at our local Children's Hospital for an eating disorder. She has overcome her deadly fears of certain foods but we continue to struggle with weight gain and big changes in her personality. I've been told that because she's still under weight that cognitively she's not where she needs to be; she shows characteristics very similar to ADHD which she never had prior to her eating disorder. I struggle with how to approach this with her medical team. They tell me she currently can't be tested for ADHD and that because the changes in her personality are new they are likely more related to the eating disorder. My concern is that it's evident that her mind is spinning 24/7 - she can't sit still, difficulty focusing, she's become very loud and vocal and hyperactive. At first we thought it might be related to the fact that she used to dancing 10-12 hrs a week and now she can't even participate in phys ed class let alone any dancing; however she's also a young kid with a pile of energy to burn.
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with their child and if they found something that worked for them? I wonder if I should be pushing harder to medicate her short term in order to help her relax and slow down so she may be able to better focus on her continued weight gain??

I'm so glad to hear that your

I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is making progress toward recovery.

When it comes to the hyperactive behavior, it's hard to know the answer to your question without being a professional. Maybe you could get a second opinion from another doctor? I definitely think having an eating disorder can lead to drastic changes in behavior and it can take awhile for things to stabilize. That being said, ultimately I think this is a question for a professional!

Thanks for the reply - We

Thanks for the reply - We have been getting mixed messages from the professionals we`ve seen to date. I was just hoping to maybe reach out to someone who may have already experienced what we are going through...