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Wow, thank you all

For such positive feedback to my posts. I know there are a couple of posts with different responses, so just wanted to say thank you to each one!

In terms of therapy, I saw a really good one this past Monday and it went well. She doesn't want to go too much into trauma work so close to me going inpatient.

The dinner out with my husband for his birthday turned out pretty well. There was nowhere to chew and spit on because there were no paper napkins.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Right now I'm feeling very blessed.

We are here for you and hope the best !

It is such a relief when we see a great provider and knowing that they have your best interests at heart , and it really helps me when i see my therapist an rest of team they give me hope that thing's can change for the best and sometimes they give me tough love but it is only in your best interest .

Sometimes we need at least some exposure therapy but when we are ready and its a good thing to do at the time otherwise we stay locked in our fears an let them take control of us which can hinder our progress ,but im super happy that it went ok and i can't wait to hear how thing's go for you .

For me personally you inspire me and its been a blessing to know you huggs

I'm so happy to hear it went

I'm so happy to hear it went well- the counseling and the dinner. You deserve all that you desire. You are worth it. You are loved.


That's wonderful. I wish you the best. Hugs.

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