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Worried My Upper Arm Muscles are Getting Big Doing ALL this Housework!

I have a real job and a secondary job at home. However, it sure seems like I work harder at home than i do at my paying job.

I feel a bit worried that my upper arm muscles are developing and becoming larger with all the lifting of furniture to vacuum and all the other things that require muscle power round here keeping up this old house.

I feel exhausted as i write and never seem to have any real time to rest. I am Always doing some type of work. I think hard work will be the precursor to my early demise round here.

I am the only female sister of 2 adult brothers. I do all the work , and my younger 1 hardly lifts a finger, except to talk on his cell phone with his buddies, which is like all the time. I feel frustrated over this polarized and familial enslavement.

I never see my life getting any better. Sometimes this frustration does cause me to wolf down a few more----- than I should snack on.

Yes I feel that mu frustration leads me to compulsively overeat at times. From dusting, my lungs are clogging up, so I may not take my usual walk tonight.

I do feel guilty about this, and have more anxiety, when I cant get out for my after dinner walk.

Worried My Upper Arm Muscles are Getting Big Doing ALL this Hous

Hey--so sorry to hear that you're so overworked. It sucks that you can't even unwind when you get done teaching. I'm guessing there's no talking to your brothers about pitching in a little around the house? That must be really hard, and any kind of stress can be so triggering. I've also had some body changes recently after joining a boxing gym a few months ago, and those can be really triggering as well. Just have to keep reminding myself our bodies are organic things that change all the time.

Mostly just wanted to say we're here for you and feel free to vent. Also, try not to feel too guilty if you're not up for your post-dinner walk--it sounds like your body could use a rest after all that extra work.

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