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Hi there. Just want to say hi and then some. First, after the comment about me getting "fat", I was able to brush it off. Later that night I was a little worried as I was in bed, but I am still not using symptoms and/or behaviors. Just a very rude comment from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. For this I am grateful that I am still forging forward and not letting that comment derail me.

About my concern. My sister that lives with me, her health is very compromised. She can pass out, or have heart problems that can cause her to stop breathing. I was on the way to my parent's house, three houses from mine, to give my dog a bath. She called and was very slurred and didn't know she had called me and was unable to really communicate with me. I came back and she didn't remember she called me. I called my Mom and she had me call my father as she wasn't home but was on her way. So my Dad checked her out and she wasn't right but he felt she was safe. Same with my Mom when she came over. My dad has told her that if she passes out that we are to call 911. She came out of her room and told me I was not to do that as she has a living will. And she doesn't want me calling our parent's because she doesn't want them to worry. She said when she lived alone, she never died, but that she falls into things, bangs into things and has hurt herself when in the state she was in when she called me. One time if my parent's didn't go to her house when they did, she would not be alive. She also passed out while at a restaurant and stopped breathing, my father having to do CPR until the medics arrived. She was unresponsive for hours.

So with this backdrop she is now saying not to do anything. She wants me to agree 100% that I am okay believing she won't die. I said I do not feel 100% and she is very disturbed by this but what else am I supposed to do. She wants honesty and I want honesty, but she wants me to believe something that in reality isn't true. She believes it is true.

It is very scary. She is on the phone with our sister who lives in California right now. This sister texted me to ask me to check on her as she was also concerned after speaking with her over the phone.

I am sorry I just went on and on. I am just startled and confused. Thank you for "listening". My regards to all of you.

The big day is arriving, the wedding, this Saturday. Take care,