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Today is the first day I have eaten the most "normal" I have eaten in a couple months. I am totally freaking out. I'm scared to death to find out what the scale says when I wake up tomorrow morning. I know this is my eating disorder talking, but I can't stop panicking about it. This is so much harder than I thought it would be considering it`s only been a couple months since I relapsed. I never thought it could get this bad so fast. And now I truly don't know if I can beat it this time.

I'm sorry you have had a

I'm sorry you have had a stressgul night but am glad that you felt safe in posting here. You're right, it is the ed talking but I know that doesn't make it any easier. You are talking about weighing yourself tomorrow. Did you weigh yourself today? If so maybe it would be a good idea not to step on the scale tomorrow even though I know that isn't easy. There are so many things that can affect weight from day to day (water, clothes you are wearing, I think maybe even air pressure). it may give your ed more ammo when there was another factor besides what you ate. Good luck and hugs being sent your way. ☺

Don't be worried!

Hi Melissaah!

This sounds familiar and reminds me of my own struggles, but I know from experience that these feelings pass. Keep your chin up and don't listen to the negative self-talk in the back of your head. I think it's a positive thing that you are starting to nurture your body by eating in a healthier way.

Do you have a support system of family and/or friends that you can lean on during your recovery journey? I know it helped me tremendously to know that I had people who loved and cared for me.

You can beat this! Keep us updated on your progress and keep posting to the forums :)


Honey, get rid of the scale! I did!

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