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Worn down

Today my body just feels exhausted. I can't really focus on anything. I could barely take a 30 minute walk. Now I'll have some water and take a nap.

Same here

I hope you are doing ok i wish the very best for you and i think of you often an pray for you .

Thank you for asking

Mentally I feel better, which makes me think I'm all cured. I spent 4 hours trying not to go on a walk, but after eating the few amount of calories I ate felt like too many, I couldn't keep myself from going on a walk. I also acted on symptoms.


Hi Savedbygrace, I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing today? It's a new day, and just because you acted on symptoms yesterday does not mean that you can't work on moving forward today :) I'm sorry that you felt so exhausted. EDs take a toll on our bodies and minds. It's a process, but we all believe in you <3


Being as I just woke up

I'm doing much better than yesterday (hehe). My husband and I are going to Cracker Barrell. It's the one place where I know there are meals that I can actually eat everything that's brought to me and I don't act on symptoms either.


Sending you Hugs.

Thank you

I appreciate it.

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