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Wisdom teeth and struggling with meal plan

So I went to the dentist yesterday and I have to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. All I can think is I could easily restrict because it will be hard to eat. I also have not been following my meal plan because I can't ditch the scale I need to because I need to move out on my own and I am hurting myself. I see my medical not next week but the week after which makes me think my blood work was fine so I am not that sick...I couldn't find a place for an EKG but mine are almost always perfect just a little off. Once in a blue moon it's easy to feel not that sick or that bad off in this case...

Been there

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out as well. But, whatever you do, DON'T take the pain meds without food. You WILL vomit, and it's not fun AT ALL. I will be praying for you.

Thanks I don't even know what

Thanks I don't even know what' I will be able to take with all my other meds.


Hey, sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. I had all four pulled and had very little pain. All at the same time. You can drink supplements if you are worried about losing. You have a lot going on right now, and you are having to make some decisions. I am glad about the apartment but I wonder if it is the best move for you. Only you know the answer to that difficult question. I have a vision of you sitting on a fence. You are going to fall, no doubt. The question is how are you going to decide and where? On the side of recovery or the side of maintaining your eating disorder.

I mean no disrespect and no judgements. Please don't misunderstand what I am saying. You are just on a precipice right now. Some difficult decisions that you have to make.

The scale is the weapon of the eating disorders. I just weighed myself at my parent's house as I am staying at there home to dog sit. They have one of my old scales. In my "unprofessional" opinion I believe owning scale will make recovery so much more difficult and I understand the NEED to know what we weigh. I used to weigh so much. It was owning me.

So, I am sorry again about the wisdom teeth and I pray they don't hurt too much. Let us know how you do.

Take care,
with love, iwanttolive

Thanks for the support and I

Thanks for the support and I really need this move my therapist said get my eating under control before the move so it's not too much. I am ready to not have roommates my roommate has pushed some limits and it's just time to be on my own. I have the rest of November and all of December to get on track I lied and told her I am following my meal plan last night she hates lying I should have just been truthful I am mad at myself for that I have to gainat my nutritionist or I am in trouble big time . I know I can do this it will just be hard and I know the scale is holding me back I have to do this no more trying like yoda says do or do not there is no try my therapist feels I am trying at 100% of my meal plan is not good enough I have to just do...see my nutritionist Saturday so we will see. And my doctor does not seem all that concerned we pushed off my appointment 2 weeks because I am going away and she is booked before the holiday so excuse to feel not sick enough ...

Good luck on your tooth extractions

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled too. Its almost like a "Right of passage" for early 20 something y/o's to go through this.

The pain meds do help. Also for the 1st few days after the extractions I mixed baby food, and some healthy supplemental liquid drink w/ ice in a blender, including fruit is good too for the healing after extractions, and using a straw to drink the shakes is Not recommended. Using straws may lead to extra bleeding and other problems.

Most of all just be careful that you dont eat hard, or sharp foods during the recovery phase. Too sharp of foods cause pain in the sockets that are left open as they heal after the extractions. Just take it easy.

You should be fine,and Good luck.

Thanks for the advice I am

Thanks for the advice I am not doing it until I move into my new apartment so I have some time but best to be prepared my therapist said I can drink supplements so this should be fun...I have to take off work too so using sick days ugh I have tried so hard to save them but I guess this is why


Just wanted to drop by to say hello & show my support <3 Wisdom teeth surgery isn't fun, but it ended up not being nearly as bad as I thought. I agree that it's good to be aware of what's ahead and how you're going to navigate the situation. How are you feeling this week with your meal plan?

I have not done great with my

I have not done great with my meal plan and i lied to my therapist that i was doing well and i see my nutritionist Saturday but i know my weight and it is higher than what it was last time i was there so it should be therapist hates lying and i lied to her so i feel guilty about that but i have not been 100% this week. my therapist said before i move i should be more solid on eating so it is not added like i am excited but she said i will still have bad days in my new apartment and its a big move...also my doctor didn't seem overly concerned so i feel i am fine easy to go into denial...


I'm sorry you have been having a difficult time on your meal plan. What do you think compelled you to lie to your therapist? I know she has been there for you through so much and wants to meet you where you're at. I would encourage you to try to be as open and transparent with your treatment team as possible in order to get the support you need. I know it's so hard- especially when you want to stay in that denial like you said. We want to convince others we are fine when it seems easier to stay sick. I think from what you have expressed, you know that you are really not okay. There is life outside of ED behaviors and thoughts, and you are deserving of it <3 And I believe you will find recovery. Hang in there.

I think i just didn't want my

I think i just didn't want my therapist to know since i am moving soon and i really am supposed to get on track and i really didn't...i am just thinking i am fine because my doctor doesn't see me as an emergency so i am fine obviously its just easier and easier to go into denial about my situation and how i am doing i know there is still damage i could be doing or have done over the years i mean i know there is damage that i may not see my therapist said so i just don't know what proof i need.


I was going to comment that your dietitian might recommend some supplements or other ways to get in what you need. I am so happy that you brought this challenge up to your dietitian though so you can plan! Planning is key and it helps fight those behaviors!

i see my nutritionist

i see my nutritionist Saturday i am not fully planning yet it is going to be in a few months after i move but i know i have to be prepared and it will probably depend on my weight and where i am at that point...not sure where i will be...