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Why can't people just treat me like a normal person?? I was out with my friends and a guy walked up to me and made several snide remarks about how small and scrawny I am and then him and his friends laughed about it? How is something like that funny? I'm no different than anyone else, I am still a human! Why can't people treat me like it?

I've been through similar

Except when I got made fun of, it was always being called fat, even if I wasn't. It hurts. Post as much as you need. I'm sorry those guys were jerks. Some people are just jerks. You didn't deserve it. ((((((Hugs)))))

Thank you

I just don't get it, we are all human and deserve to be treated like it...

I know

Unfortunately, some parents don't bring their kids up to respect others. Unfortunately we're all human, and some people take advantage of and hurt others.


It makes me so mad....


I'm really sorry this happened to you. It isn't fair.

What makes me mad

Is the fact that this happens to SOO many people like us. None of us deserve to be treated like this. We are still human and we still have feelings why can't others just act like it????

Hurt people hurt people. That

Hurt people hurt people. That's the only thing I keep coming up with! Wish it wasn't that way though and it's not an excuse for crappy behavior.

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