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Perhaps these are rhetorical questions, but why is it so hard to love our bodies? Why am I always at war with my body? Why can't I see it as beautiful and cut myself slack? When does it get easier? This process sucks.

You Have Always Been Beautiful

I understand what you are feeling right. Loving our bodies, let alone loving ourselves, can be challenging. But that doesn't mean it is not possible. I think it is challenging for a few reasons reasons.
1) We are very inclined to compare ourselves to other, and if we do this we are destined to never be happy.
2) We struggle to love EVERYTHING about ourselves, especially our flaws. The flaws are what set us apart from others and what make us beautiful. If we all looked the same how boring would that be?

I'm leaving a quote here that i hope helps:

“Anyone can love someone because,
but to love someone despite,
to know the flaws and love them too.
That is rare and pure and perfect.”
– Patrick Rothfuss

As always,

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