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When the sufferer is a legal adult, Celebrate Recovery meeting can provide support

Greetings from a new member! My daughter is 21, developed anorexia while living and working several states away and moved back in Oct. 2015 to start work on recovery. While counseling and nutritionist guidance helped and she is physically good, she's got many feelings to deal with.

I'm so glad to find this forum, because most parenting resources focus on younger patients. My faith is crucial, but learning to listen calmly, resist worry, and encourage her respectfully has been a challenge. She has found other adult Christian sufferers (yet not complete with them ) in the Life Issues small group of a Celebrate Recovery group.

There are chapters at many churches around the country. A variety of habits and hang-ups bring people to the program.

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
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Hello Busco Mom

Welcome Busco Mom. I'm glad to see that you found the NEDA forums. There's a lot of helpful discussion that goes on here. There are also a lot of good links and resources that the greater NEDA website provides (I'll link those in a bit). While it sucks that your daughter recently developed an eating disorder, it's great that she's getting so much help. It's important for people in recovery to have robust support networks.

Is there anything specifically you'd like people to help you out with? I've found some general information that might be useful to you:
This the parent toolkit. It's extensive and might even be able to bring to your attention information that you haven't already accrued in the past year.
General resources
Useful information for family members

NEDA also has a helpline with trained volunteers who can help direct you toward resources in your area. They're available all weekdays from 9am-9pm M-Thu and 9-5 Fridays. The number is 1-800-931-2237.

Best of luck. I hope this helped. Keep us updated and check out some of the other posts users have made.