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When does one consider a period "skipped?"

Two years ago, I was at my worst with this, and I spent a year recovering my weight (though I kept my control and essentially hit the minimum for hormone restoration). My periods were a little uneven at first, then semi-regular for a bit, though often late. It's been about 48 days now (I last had one on June 25th, I believe). Is this consider a skipped period? I want to know where I am with this, as I no longer use the scale, so it is difficult for me to determine where my health is right now. Thanks.

First of all, congratulations

First of all, congratulations on your recovery and ditching that scale! I know that was a huge step for me.
Have you talked to your doctor/ob/nutritionist about this? They would probably have a better idea of where you are health wise. There are always contributing factors, and it seems like the period is one of the last things to come back. You may also want to have your vitamin/mineral levels tested. Sometimes if you're iron deficient or something it can mess with things as well. Either way, I would talk to a professional who knows your history and would know how to move forward from here.
Other than that, it seems like you're doing really well on recovery! You are so courageous and strong to have made it so far. Keep on pushing forward!