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What to do whilst awaiting referral appointment

I've only just been referred after suffering from my eating disorder for over two years, due to the NHS waiting for me to drop below borderline anorexic. This has led to me now awaiting my assessment appointment which isn't for two months and I don't know what self-help I can try whilst waiting. Some days are better than others but some I just can't cope with my disorder and want to cry out for help so any recommendations would be great from anyone who was/is in a similar situation to me.

Well we're rooting for you!

Well we're rooting for you! I'm early in treatment, myself. For me stopping using the scale and stopping using online calorie counter helped a lot, it was easier for me to deal with some more obsessive thoughts and some anxiety than the continual checking/counting. I guess if there's a tradeoff between one kind of discomfort and another you can pick one that is less harmful or seems to be less fueling the disorder, and find someone sympathetic to talk to? I've been trying to find things to do that can be an outlet or express emotion, too, that seems to help.

I agree with beingpreventive

I agree with beingpreventive that it really helps to have an outlet to express your emotions so that you don't isolate yourself and keep everything bottled up. You can journal, draw, sing, even come on here and just vent what you are feeling so that you don't have to keep it all inside and suffer in silence. Honestly, these months leading up to treatment will probably be rough since you are in the grips of this awful disorder. Once you start treatment, at first it will be like hell and you will hate it, but I PROMISE it gets easier. You just have to get through the really crappy first few weeks/months of recovery with gaining weight and anxiety and whatnot. It will feel like the doctors will try and make you gain too much but they aren't. The best thing you can do is just trust them no matter what you ED voice is saying to you.

The most helpful thing you can do before/during your recovery is to pick up a distracting hobby that you can enjoy and fully engage yourself in. I wish you the best of luck, and you will be soooo much happier once you start recovery and free yourself from ED :)