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What about a novel

I picked up a book nine months ago or so, a novel about an anorexic. It was explicit, full of triggers.
I was fine, or so I thought.
My weight is now really low. BMI lower than it's ever been. I had consistently struggled with anorexia before. "Should've known better."
Trigger is an understatement.
I am composing a poem about my experiences, centering around a monster from the shadows slowly taking me.

What can be done about the novel?

Hi joy_rocks, I am very

Hi joy_rocks, I am very encouraged to hear that you are composing a poem about your experiences. I think writing is a great coping tool in the recovery process. As for the novel, I’m sorry to hear it was so triggering. I agree that many books/novels about eating disorders don’t filter the triggering material well. Here is a link that will provide you specifics to your questions:
I wish you the best!

I read a book in German last

I read a book in German last year (and also studied it and talked about it for my German oral which I chose to speak about Anorexia for) called "Auf Stelzen Gehen"
It was so full of triggers as well, very difficult to read without falling into the same mindset as the girl who wrote it, especially since I had already been through an eating disorder before. I think I am relapsing now, no thanks to that book, it was too well written...



I'm really sorry to hear you're relapsing. Being exposed to triggers can certainly disrupt the recovery process. It's always surprising to me just how serious and detrimental they can quickly become.

If you need someone to talk to, or to help you find resources, you can call the NEDA helpine at 1-800-937-2237- they might be able to give you some support and guidance if you're worried about relapsing. We are also here for you, too! Good luck!