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Weight gain and body image

My 18-year-old daughter is recovering from anorexia. She has been in treatment of some level since April 2015. This summer she was in PHP and is now back in school and seeing her outpatient care team. Her weight has restored. However, when she eats, she does not ever feel full. As a result she eats often, and she has put on more weight than she desires. She is at the top of her BMI for normal weight and each week she is putting on more weight. I understand that this can happen. She went from so being underweight and under-nourished that her period stopped and she was almost hospitalized. I love seeing her curves instead of her bones! But, she is weighing more now than she ever has and she does not feel good about herself. And, her clothes don't fit, which makes her feel even worse. It's hard to find the right words to help her achieve her most healthy self. We live by the mantra that there are no bad foods. And after being orthorexic as well, it's great to see her eat such a wide variety of foods now. How can I help her manage her food and exercise so she feels more healthy and balanced?

Hi gail202,

Hi gail202,

This is a great question for your daughter's doctor/support team. I know weight restoration and appetite take a while to fully stabilize, but it's really hard to answer this question without being a professional. I'm so glad that she's recovering, and I wish you both good luck!!

Hi gail202,

Thanks for sharing with us the story of your daughter's recovery. I agree with PianoGirl-- I think the team would have a better idea as to how those elements should be balanced. We wish you the best!!