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The wedding

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that the wedding was very nice. Not much interaction with my sister's but made a connection with my new brother in law's family member. Being with my Aunt/ friend was a great support. Funny how dresses for winter are sleeveless. I had a shawl to wrap around me but we were cold. But I did well. Tomorrow we will have a brunch and head home.

I hope you are all staying in the race and taking steps towards recovery.

Take care, iwanttolive

So glad

To hear that things went well. I'm also glad you had a good time.


Thanks Savedbygrace, sounds like you have something positive happening with your husband's new job and getting into treatment. Very good.

Regarding the wedding, I really like my new brother-in-law. He is like a big teddy bear. I was somewhat disappointed in that my sisters did not really engage with me but I expected that. They were nice to me but did not interact with me. My Aunt and sister-friend sat with me at a table for brunch this morning until early afternoon. Too much time away from my comfort zone. The sisters and my nephew were sitting at a different table than the myself and my friend and Aunt to I purposed to sit with them going back and forth. But they still really didn't interact with me. They were civil I suppose. My niece was beautiful. The wedding was great. Cold as it was an evening wedding and outside, but we all survived. I just have to continue not to expect much from my sisters and concentrate on what is positive going on in my life. I connected to a lady from Jack's family and gave her my e mail. She shared with me things she hasn't shared with anyone because I was open about my struggles. SO I am happy about that.

I hope you are doing okay. Eating disorders are so difficult to get freedom from. The mind is constantly sabotaging progress. I know how much some of you are struggling and I am sad for that. Remember though that recovery is possible. I was able to eat, although they primarily had one type of food that I just don't like at all. So I had one option for dinner and the rest was sweets. But I ate more than I wanted to but am okay with it. I handled the crowds well and am just glad to be back home.

I continue to lift you all up in prayer. I really care about you guys and am cheering you on.


I'm so glad you had a good time at the wedding! So proud of you for making the most of the weekend even through your anxiety about it <3 You are doing thisss. Praise God!