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the wedding

Hi, some of you know about the situation with my sisters and the upcoming wedding of my niece. We, my sisters and nephew and his girlfriend and my friend and Aunt were all going to stay at the same hotel overnight. I have been concerned about this as they don't treat me so well. So today I found out that because my brother-in-law has points at another hotel, they will not be at the hotel I am going to stay at. I am rather upset by this but don't know if I should be. I feel confused and a bit hurt but maybe I should be thankful? I don't know. I don't know what to feel. Rejection. But it probably has nothing to do with me so why do I think that?

I also live in constant pain. Working on getting injections and some adjustments, I am just very weak, my muscles and such. It hurts if I stay in bed too long. Or while I am shopping and when I work. So I called out today.

I am doing okay otherwise. Still working on surrendering to things, such as my sisters going to another hotel. I surrender the anger, the questions, the confusion and I hand them over to God. On Saturday I am going on the walk-a-thon in Belle-mead NJ. My mom and I are going. It will be my third walk so I am looking forward to it.

I hope you are finding some peace in your lives. Keep on keepn' on. With care,



I am really upset right now and having the urge to binge. I haven't felt this way for mant many months. I let my sister's know how I feel about them all going to a different hotel. One sister responded at first negatively the others even the one I live with have not resonded. No surprise. So I have been feeling lonely with my friend moving and being 50. I don't want to use food to cope so I am reaching out to you guys. So sad

I'm so sorry you're dealing

I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much right now. I know you've been doing so well on your recovery despite all that's been going on with your family. I know this may be difficult to hear, but maybe it's better that you'll be in a different location. You've expressed a lot of anxiety over being with them in general. This way, you'll be able to see them and be with them at the wedding, but you can also have your own space when you need it. It also sounds like even though your parents can be overbearing at times, they really do care for you. I'm sure there are a lot of others who do as well. I know we here on the forums greatly appreciate your insight and support. I care for you a great deal, and it has been amazing to see you grow and truly embrace recoverery. You are a true inspiration. We are always here for you. You are so strong to be dealing with all this and still moving forward. I will be thinking of you. I know you will make it through.

Thank you

My parents are such strong supporters for me. We are getting along very well. You are right. It is probably better this way. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate your support


I actually thought my one sister and I came to an understanding now she is calling what I am feeling is petty. She said my therapist does not know her and should not be questioning her decisions. She is a labor and delivery nurse. She had some life and death situations. She said I always make her the bad guy. She is going to call me tomorrow I will no doubt catch help from her. I am the trouble maker. I should never say how I feel I should be silent and invisible because obviously I am in the way and selfish. I am the evil sister always causing trouble

wedding part 3

So, after making a mess of things, I calmed down. My sister and I talked and I talked with the sister that lives with me. I asked for forgiveness, explaining how chronic pain, the loss of a friend due to a move, and the other two friends work fifty plus hours a week, that I was lonely, and when in pain people don't always think the best and do things and say things that wouldn't necessarily have been said. It all worked together into a perfect storm. Then having my counselors backing I went ahead and told my sisters how I felt. I said I was wrong. The wedding is ten days away, hopefully enough time for this to blow over and we will all have a good time.
My one sister tends to not want to talk about emotions. She said we had a wonderful childhood and the reason for the distance in our relationship was because I was ill and said I was being a victim. I told her no I am not a victim, but I do have emotions and I remember a different childhood than she did. I also said I was not the only one with problems and it was more family dynamics involved. That when I was in the hospitals I was lonely and no one reached out to me while I spent so many months away. I told her this wasn't text material and we would revisit that issue later.

So I am in bed, after crying at my mothers as she held me. I sobbed a little and left crying. I am doing better now but ready for a nap. Thank you for listening.

iwanttolive, even if it gets painful at times.....God doesn't promise us an easy road, just that He will be with me. He will never leave me or forsake me, even if family, namely sisters do. My sister that I live with really does love me. But she is ill and we all have to work together. Again, thanks for listening.